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#5026: I expect the actual number is closer to ZERO

"How much do greenhouse gas emissions warm your part of the world?" asks this Arse Technica article, and it kindly links a map showing how many degrees per teraton of man-made CO2 you can expect in your neck of the woods.

Annual carbon budget of Earth's atmosphere: 206 billion tons. (Not trillion. Billion.) Annual human contribution to that budget: 6 billion tons. BILLION, not trillion.

So divide those numbers by three orders of magnitude. Where I live, that means a total forcing of... 0.003°C.

The other thing I notice is that apparently the north pole is where most of the CO2 accumulates, because that's where the map shows most of the warming occurred.

And check this out:
The researchers used simulations from 12 complex climate models that include things like the carbon cycle. In the simulations, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was increased by one percent each year until it reached four times the pre-industrial level. Rather than work only with globally averaged temperature changes, Leduc and Matthews calculated short-term climate sensitivities at a local scale.
So, in other words, instead of simulating actual real conditions they instead simulate a CO2 concentration that's twice as high as the actual conditions. And then, of course, their simulation reveals that most of the warming is taking place at the north pole, because of course heat never equalizes but instead remains concentrated in one location.

Short form: this is yet more horseshit.

* * *

Trump 2016.

* * *

Well, this is short, isn't it? My wife is in bed waiting for me, though, and I have my priorities.

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