atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5028: WTF

So today I got to sleep in (my Sunday, after all) and got up around 12:30. Hit the can, then came in here to start the pre-blog surf...and just as I sat down, the power went out.


UPS on everything in the computer room, of course, so I still had the computer up; waited a few minutes to see if this was a nuisance outage or if it was going to last longer. After a few minutes of UPS' screeches I realized it was off for a while, so I shut everything down.

Called ComEd, who reported about a thousand people out of power. That's good; that kind of outage motivates them to do something about it pronto. (At least, a lot more "pronto" than if it's a handful of people off a stub.)

Meanwhile, the battery backup for the Ace in the Hole was peeping, and resisting all attempts to shut it up, but that's in the basement and it's relatively quiet.

Power came back on about half an hour after it went down, and I resumed my business...but for the intermittent SCREECH! coming from the basement, about every minute or two. It wasn't the Ace in the Hole. It wasn't the freezer (which doesn't even have an alarm anyway) and there was nothing else plugged in down there. It wasn't the furnace, and it can't be the water heater because it's got a mechanical thermostat.

Giving up, I stood downstairs listening. It seemed to be coming from the southwest corner; perhaps it has something to do with the water meter? Is there something else going on?

Finally I pulled some stuff out of the way (reference the last post, re: "new year's resolution") and found the source of the screech: a CO detector, plugged into a socket behind a bunch of stuff that's been there since 2004. A baby born when this stuff was stacked there would be in junior high school by now, that's how long that stuff's been there. And behind it--behind!--was a CO detector which only today decided that This is one power failure too many for me! and complained. I had no idea the damned thing was there.

That was the source of the noise.

Reset it, it's quiet as a mouse--but it doesn't do any good back there, so I brought it upstairs and plugged it in, in a place which is slightly more accessible.

That makes three CO detectors. Dad was suspenders-and-belt all the way.

* * *

Last night Mrs. Fungus and I watched five more eps of Steins;Gate. I'm really, really starting to like this series. It's a complex time travel story, though I do believe I've figured out how the series is going to end.

* * *

January 11th is "cervical cancer awareness day". What a party that's gonna be.

* * *

Once again there are two O'Reilly's Auto Parts coupons in my inbox. The last time this happened was when I was trying to get the front brakes on Mrs. Fungus' car fixed, and I was told (after I used one of them) that the other had also been used. I've printed out the two coupons and they have different serial numbers, so we'll see if that happens again. Regardless I know I need to go get some antifreeze to dump into the Jeep (I expect it's getting low again) and $5 off an $11 jug of premix will be just the ticket.

* * *

On Monday I was told, by my boss, that I was the #9 ranked employee in the call center. Win.

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