atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5029: Well, THAT is certainly convenient!!

So I sat at the computer to do a post, and paused long enough to clean my classes--


...and the left lens fell into my lap.


Disassembled that side, got out the soldering iron and tried soldering it, realized that it would be much easier to do if the rim was screwed together, promptly dropped tiny brown screw onto brown shag carpet.


I cannot see any fine detail without my glasses. None. None at all. I'm not legal to drive without them, that's how bad my uncorrected vision is.

Fortunately, I still have contact lenses. I've got a pair in now. Unfortunately my prescription has drifted enough since these were correct that I am now colossally farsighted with them in, so I can't even focus on my hands when they're less than 18" from my face. Detail work is impossible.


So, I guess I get to go buy a new pair of glasses pretty soon. Argh etc.

Meanwhile, making the switch from glasses to contacts means everything looks weird, and the Huge-o-Tron looks even more gigantic without the smallifying influence of my glasses. And at normal viewing distance it's almost in focus; my eyes are unusued to contacts and I can't quite seem to get them to clear up.


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