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#5032: Left work early due to illness, part II

Yeah, that was today, too.

Yesterday I really didn't want to go to work, because I woke up feeling extremely tired and crappy in other ways, yet I naturally heaved myself out of bed and went. For most of the day I felt mostly okay with a severe undertone of fatigue and general blootiness, but gutted it up and did my job to the best of my ability, figuring that once I went to lunch I'd feel better.

Lunch did not help. It seemed to make things worse. By 7:30 PM I had stomach cramps and a headache, and realized I could no longer function, so I asked to be excused, and was.

My supervisor was out yesterday (and was today too) with some kind of illness, and I sit across an 18" partition from him. Whatever he has, I got.

Today, then, I got out of bed feeling less embalmed than yesterday and went to work. After I'd been there perhaps an hour or so I began to regret it, and when our team lead got in, he told me I looked as if I should have stayed home.

I toughed it out as long as I could, but that ended up being 4:10 PM before I left. Not even three hours. *sigh* I felt miserable, and I was really unhappy--I just wanted to work and do my job and not have to deal with all kinds of stupidity from my own f-ing physique.

It's not flu, not exactly, but it's "not exactly" a bunch of stuff. Postnasal drip, dry cough, headache, fatigue, crampy gut, dizziness/wooziness, aches and pains--if it's flu, thank God it's a mild strain...but that means no one symptom is enough to alleviate the guilt I feel at not being at work. Overall, they're sapping my very will to live.

My plan for tomorrow, then, is to go see the doctor to get the all-important doctor's note explaining that I'm suffering some kind of malady; and then to use Tue and Wed (my regular weekend) to rest and do nothing.

* * *

So the power failed this evening, for the second time this year.

I got home from work about 5:15-ish, had a couple slices of toast, and went to bed. About 7-ish Mrs. Fungus called me to see how I was doing, and I went back to sleep for a little while; then I heard a pow that woke me up sounded not-good and wondered what it was from. I had to hit the can, and when while I was mulling my next step--and thinking about watching something--I decided it was time to put away some of the videos stacked by the TV. I gathered them up and headed for my old bedroom, and just as I was about to start putting stuff away the lights went out. Came back on while I was trying to find a flashlight, then they went out again. And stayed out.

Mrs. Fungus got home about ten minutes later, after I'd turned on the LED candles and put the videos away; she had brought home chicken, and I was just hungry enough to eat some. Then she wanted me to light a fire in the fireplace, so I did that.

Power came on at 10:50-ish. And here we are.

I'm not terribly surprised that we had a power failure, to be honest. Current temp in the Fungal Vale is about 4° and this comes a scant 24 hours after we had rain, then sleet, then snow--and to top it off there's wind, too, though it's calmed down considerably since this afternoon.

* * *

The Internet equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" is to build an extension for your browser which filters out all references to the Presidential frontrunner. They would have built a Bush filter if they hadn't gotten so much joy out of vomiting hatred for him; but Trump doesn't give a rat's ass about their little rabbit feelings so all they can do now is try to pretend he doesn't exist.

* * *

I still want to do some fun things, but I don't know when I'll get around to them. It won't be this week. Argh etc.

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