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#5033: I had four tasks.

I did them all. Time to go back to bed.

Going to go see a doc tomorrow, considering how crapinous I feel. This morning I feel better than I did yesterday morning...but yesterday after I'd been working for about an hour or ninety minutes I learned how deceptive that feeling can be. And the day before that, I thought I was just tired and being a big vagina, and went, and regretted it.

Though the gut symptoms are slowly moving downstream, everything hurts and I still feel bone-weary. You know how that is, when you're sick and it seems like your entire skeleton aches with fatigue. And, of course, I feel woozy.


* * *

4.8 isn't exactly a big earthquake. I've told the story here before: years ago (late 1980s or so) I was working on my dirt bike in the front yard. I'd just finished ratcheting a fastener into place and noticed that the bike kept rocking; noticing that the ground felt...odd...I ran inside to see if the water was sloshing in the toilet--the only reliable indicator I could think of to see if we'd just had an earthquake, which we had: about magnitude 4.9. (I remember it as being "almost six" but I don't see how that could be, which is why I'm saying, instead "almost five".)

At magnitude 4.9, I could just feel the ground moving underneath me and it was so slight that I needed an ad hoc instrument to confirm my suspicions. Absent my work on the motorcycle I don't know if I would have noticed the shaking; if I'd been walking or mowing the grass I probably wouldn't have felt a thing.

It's probably at least a little premature to predict Oklahoma is going to be leveled by earthquakes based on this.

* * *

This kind of thing makes the US hated more than our military excursions do. I can guarantee that nothing pisses off people more than having our law enforcement apparatus throwing its weight around in foreign countries which are nominally our allies. When a 9/11 happens and we start blowing up arabs, that doesn't bother the euroweenies all that much, not nearly as much as it bothers them when we force countries to violate their own laws for our sake.

It's really difficult for me to take an article seriously which contains this kind of line: "When the criminal neoconservative George W. Bush regime launched its illegal invasion of Afghanistan,..." but the other points made in rest of the article are slightly less hyperbolic. (That same paragraph insists there were no terrorists in Afghanistan. Ooo-kay.) As bad as Bush was, he's not a criminal, and the invasion of Afghanistan was hardly illegal, considering that it was authorized by Congress. Bush had a lot of faults, but he wasn't a thug...and the political environment of the first decade of the 21st century was such that he could easily have been impeached if his actions had been criminal.

The fact is while America has a long history of imposing its will on other countries and exerting its influence all over the world. It is a logical extension of the doctrine that US citizens are subject to US law no matter where they happen to be. Some of this is inevitable, some of it is acceptable, but there comes a point at which it stops being reasonable for any country to lean on its hegemony, and the US under Obama has gone well past that point.

* * *

The firewood Og gave us burns pretty nicely, and yields a nice, crackly fire. The big problem here is that I'm still really not all that good at building fires, and I tend either to make them too small or too large. One of the big cautions that came with the fireplace (vintage 1992) was that you have to avoid having fire go up the chimney--that was in the manual for the firebox--so in trying to avoid that I tend to make the fires small and decorative.

Well, last night, it took that fire a while to get going. By the time the power was back on I had only just put the last of the wood I'd brought in onto the grate, and it went very nicely without tending for about another 90 minutes.

The real problem with this fireplace is that it's in the living room, the "nice" room we don't use that often. There's really no other place in the bunker that we could have put a fireplace; putting one in the family room would have required re-engineering that end of the house and the design of that area of the house is such that it would make the room awkward to use if one wall was given over to a fireplace.

The north wall of the living room, though, was more suitable; so Dad had one put in there, a firebox kind which circulates air around the box for maximum energy efficiency. I'm not sure how it works, but it's supposed to draw combustion air from outside, and it has glass doors one can close to keep it from using inside air for combustion. The nice thing about the glass doors is that they let you walk away from the fireplace even if there's still a fire burning in it; the fire can't (let's say "it's extremely unlikely that it will") get past the doors.

So this is the third time in the last month that we've used the fireplace, and this is the most we've used it since 2012 or 2013. We've actually used it enough that I'm going to have to clean the ashes out of it, and some of that residue dates back to September of 2012!

If this keeps going on this way, I think I may need to go over to Og's place and get more firewood, if he has any to spare.

* * *

So today it's "occasional snow showers". I don't mind light snow. If it were to snow like it is now every other day or so for the rest of the winter, I wouldn't care.

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