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#5036: Sinusitis, strangely enough, but I'm not really surprised.

I'm so used to it that it doesn't bother me until it really bothers me, I guess, but the doc said it's got to be the sinusitis that's making me nauseated and-and-and. Result is an RX for antibiotics and a note telling my employer I was sick. Fine.

I was thinking last night that all the gorp going down the back of my throat could explain the nausea, because the gorp is full of bacteria and other gunk, none of which does a man's digestive tract any damned good whatsoever.

Anyway, insurance saved me $20 on the pills, and I have nothing else pending for the next two days, so I'm going to take it easy and do as little as possible. First dose of antibiotics just went down, and it's 2x per day, so here's hoping things will improve by Thursday.

* * *

So, Hillary is in trouble.

The most recent revelation was Hillary herself sending an e-mail to someone telling them to strip out the "secret" markers and e-mail a document to someone because they couldn't get the secure fax to send it. That right there is a black-letter-law felony and if anyone other than a prominent Democrat--to say nothing of the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee--had done it the press would be screaming bloody murder. (If, for example, Hillary had the "(R)" after her name rather than the little "(D)".)

My faith, however--or, rather, the lack thereof--in the Washington D.C. elites is unshakable. Hillary's not going to jail over this. I'd be shocked and surprised (pleasantly!) if she ended up having to drop out of the race; but so far my past twenty-five years of observing politics has taught me one thing: if you're a big-name Democrat, you don't get punished for breaking the law. Ever. The rules simply do not apply to you.

* * *

Vox Day is the entire reason I can say we're in an economic depression that started in 2008. He's the one who put the idea in my head; I didn't read his book but I'm able to look at facts and statistics and come to conclusions on my own.

I can't even argue his prediction of deflation any longer. Look at gas prices, for crying out loud! As one commentor to that article points out, the paper dollar in your pocket buys twice as much gasoline as it did a year ago--and oil is still falling, with the occasional hitch, now nearing $30 a barrel with no sign of a bottom. Some people are beginning to predict $10 a barrel oil, which is $5 below the cost to pump it from an easy deposit like Saudi Arabia fifteen years ago.

* * *

Meanwhile, in ChIraq, an average of 12 people per day got shot. 120 people shot in the first ten days of 2016 in Chicago.

Chicago doesn't have a gun problem. Chicago has a gang problem.

* * *

The doctor's office is a short drive away (about six miles) through corn fields. The fluffy, powdery snow that fell last night was blowing and drifting, making it a rather tense drive.

Got home from my errands and went out to blow down the driveway. As expected, getting the blower started for the first time this year was the hardest part. I ended up draining the fuel tank and putting in fresh, but then it started right up.

No idea how much snow we can expect this winter, but if the pattern thus far continues I don't know how much of it I'll have to deal with.

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