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#5038: I have to admit I laughed out loud.

Both at the news and the picture in this link.

When I heard, last night, that Iran had seized two Navy boats and the ten men crewing them, I laughed and said, "Well, Obama really is Carter now!" Just in time for the STFU speech, too. Perfect underscore to Obama's last one.

The Iranians actually let the sailors go, though as the last sentence at that link says, I have to wonder what Iran got from Obama and Kerry to avoid what would otherwise have been an utter political mess.

* * *

This article explicitly describes something I had understood but not really thought through: the way Republican presidential candidates are typically selected. And of course it's "Well, it's So-and-so's turn this time."
George H.W. Bush came in second to Ronald Reagan in 1980. As the sitting vice president, it was his turn for the nomination in 1988, and he got it. Sen. Bob Dole came in second to Bush in 1988, so in 1996 it was his turn. In 2000, there was no obvious line of succession, but George W. Bush came closest as the heir to the Bush dynasty. Sen. John McCain came in second to W. in 2000. In 2008, he got the nomination. Mitt Romney: Second in 2008, he got his turn in 2012.
And it's a piss-poor way to run things, because McCain and Romney. "It's his turn" may have worked well prior to 1992--for some values of "well"--but since then it's been a disaster.

Trump is, of course, upsetting that applecart, because GOP voters are tired of supporting candidates who don't give a rat's ass about them, other than getting their votes. (And who get butthurt the instant the rank-and-file refuse to fall in line.)
Jeb Bush, for his part, went into the 2016 campaign with the establishment largely in his pocket. The big donors, his family's political machine and veterans of his brother's White House lined up. So far so good. But Bush never really bothered to cultivate the right. He even seemed to take it for granted.
He didn't so much take it for granted as look down his nose at it, because Icky Conservatives.

The GOP elite has just as much disdain for conservatism as the Democrat party does. This has been the case for a long time, going back to the 1960s; Nixon was a moderate Republican. (Proof: EPA and OSHA, for fuck's sake.) Reagan was the exception; the two Bushes and all other subsequent GOP nominees are the rule. The GOP loved the Goldwater revolution for what it did to their success rate, but they don't actually want to govern that way.

* * *

I know I should feel sadness at the tragic waste of two young lives but they were arguably pre-wasted. Holy shit, if you're robbing liquor stores at age fifteen--

What I do, instead, is to take a step back from all that and acknowledge a painfully simple fact: getting shot and killed is an occupational hazard when you decide to live the thug life. Knocking over liquor stores is a lot easier than working at McDonald's--and you do get to feel like a total badass--but it's also rather less safe.

* * *

Linked this because " ...[O]ne of the most under-appreciated bands of its time", said of the Alan Parsons' Project.

* * *

Got up to snow, and the forecast is for "occasional snow to end by 2:15". Whatevs. Still single-digit temperatures.

We got the Christmas tree taken down and hauled out to the curb last night, which is good, because it's now so dry it's one spark away from going up like a bucket of sparklers.

We kept it watered, too. I don't know what happened, except of course that we got it on the 9th of December and took it down a month later. Really, with a real tree, you have to put it up after the 15th and take it down within the first week of the new year, but it was such a pretty tree we couldn't help ourselves.

Besides, we had such a lovely holiday season that we were reluctant to see it end.

* * *

As for me, after three days of resting and taking it easy--punctuated with brief bursts of light activity--I do feel better than I did on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Antibiotics can't be doing all that much this soon (I just took the third dose) but the gut finally blew out this morning and the lightheadedness and dizziness have gone away.


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