atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5043: It's f-ing cold outside tonight

Like, -5° cold. Holy crap. Tomorrow is supposed to be "much warmer" but the projected high is 9.

January. Thrillsville.

* * *

Tonight Mrs. Fungus and I watched the first ep of the new season of Hell's Kitchen and--as is typical--it was fertile ground for wisecracks.

There is an asian guy on the show named Alan, and there's another guy who I thought was mexican and Mrs. Fungus thought was also asian.

Result: she thought the two guys nominated to be kicked off the show should be "Alan and the questionable mexican". Then she said, "That'd be a good band name!"

It really would!


One night only!!

* * *

The "good band name" thing came from here:

Go to about 1:02 for the joke.

* * *

Now it's 2 AM and I'd promised myself I'd go to bed earlier than this. *sigh*

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