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#5047: Quick hits

Everyone's all a-flutter over Sarah Palin's endorsement of Trump. In 2008 I wanted to elect Sarah Palin President rather than McCain. In 2016 I want to elect Trump rather than any of the other candidates.

* * *

Warmistas claim 2015 was the warmest year evah. Of course they said that last year, too, and the year before; meanwhile the satellite data says NO. Global warming is only "man-made" because humans are changing the data to suit their political ends.

* * *

So: a few posts ago I posted a Teen Girl Squad video from YouTube. Now, when I go to YouTube, about half the "suggested" videos are from *sigh*

There's no real variety to those suggestions, anyway. Every so often it comes up with something stupid which is totally unlike anything I watch--"Popular Music Videos" or "Intense Sports Action"--and of course I hit the "STFU" button for that category. I think the algorithm is sulking: "You never like any of my suggestions!"

But sure, continue to serve up popular music videos. Because naturally I really want to watch #Latest_black_pop_star twerking to shitmusic.


* * *

Finally the financial media are beginning to talk about "depression", something they couldn't stomach saying before Teleprompter Jesus had less than a year left in office despite the fact that we've been in a depression since 2008.

Quoth the latest Woodpile Report:
Figured by the Depression era method, unemployment is 23%. Retail is still in retreat, railcar loadings are way down, including intermodal. Equities have fallen around 12%, forced selling and margin calls are in motion, and the VIX is percolating above 25. Oil dropped below 30, drillers and frackers are taking their meals at the Chateau de Salvation Army, the whole Chinese economy has cheerfully stepped off the ledge and the high seas are all but untroubled by commerce—the Baltic Dry Index fell under 400 for the first time. Ever. Oh, and the unwinding of enough debt for a whole nuther galaxy is under way. Fiction? No wonder the media is touching the hem of Obama's robe with ten-foot poles.
The government and the media have bent over backwards to try to convince us that the past few years, economically, have been a weak but real economic expansion. The problem is, they have not.

The numbers are, at best, fudged, and at their worst they're entirely fictional. Like the unemployment rate; it's nowhere near 5%. It's much, much higher than that, but the method used to calculate it has been changed to minimize the number...because the sitting government finds it convenient to calculate it thus.

And things are likely to get worse. The dollar was unpegged from the gold standard in 1971, enabling nearly five decades of debt-fueled spending, and something must happen to undo that. I'm not smart enough to predict what, but it's not going to be any fun.


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