atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5049: Efficient!

I just finished 39 hours of work (slightly inflated) on the basement, and it's much improved. I took out five bags of trash (!), I finally put the shelving unit together which I bought in like 2011, and that pile of stuff I mentioned here which hadn't been disassembled since it was put there in 2004 has now been moved onto the shelving unit, taking up much less floor space in the process.

The difference is astounding.

You can now walk to the SW corner of the basement, without stepping around anything, and you can actually see the carpet there. I was sitting on that carpet labeling comic boxes and going through other stuff.

...and I discovered that my oldest sister had not, as I had feared, disposed of my father's modest Playboy calendar collection, vintage mid-1970s; anticipating such a move, I'd thrown it in the box that contains my equally modest collection of Penthouse, vintage mid-1980s.

These things will never be worth anything, other than sentimental value. They don't take up much room and before tonight it was so long since I'd last looked in that box I'd forgotten Dad's calendars etc were in there; I think the last time I looked in there was when I added that, which was probably early 2007 or maybe sometime in 2008 (or 2011?).

Regardless, it's been a while.

That box also contains my journals, of course, from when I was in high school, so I can't just summarily eject the whole thing. Oh well.

Part of the "five bags of garbage" was the entirety of my Yawara! fansub collection. There's no point to keeping that; I have the entire series on disk, rather than the first forty eps (as I did on tape) and God alone knows how good those tapes are, still, after ten years in the basement. Sheesh.

The most important thing, here, is that I made good use of my unplanned evening off. Rather than sit in my desk chair and fap away in Azeroth, I got some work done cleaning the basement. It's going to take more effort to get it really clean, but this is a grand old start, and I'm well pleased with what I managed to accomplish in a bare three hours.

I rule.

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