atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5050: Your phone used data. Deal with it.

Insane people calling today--

Woman yelled at me for 15 minutes over the fact that they used close to 15 GB of data this month. They have a brand new router and never use more than seven or eight gigabytes, you see, so it's flatly impossible that they could have used nearly 15!

...'fraid it's not. You used 15 GB of data, and it doesn't matter who you threaten to call. Today it was teh Better Business Bureau, because one of her neighbors works for it, and they're going to investigate #Major_Telecom.


My technique for dealing with this kind of caller is simply to let them rant and rave, until they get tired, and then wish them a good day. There wasn't anything else I could do for her; the data use was valid (verified with information from the switch).

By the time it hit 9:40 I was done. After that I handled two more calls, and the last one I padded just a little bit so I could punch out at 10:00 PM on the dot. Win. A big improvement over last Friday.

* * *

As seen in Steins;Gate, the IBM 5100. Only in the anime it was called the "IBN 5100" to avoid lawsuits etc.

* * *

On my way to work today I saw the salt trucks, staged by the highway, and was pretty sure we'd see some serious snow tonight. Fortunately, we didn't; it flurried but we didn't get much of anything, and I am just as happy we didn't, because I did not fancy having to get up early tomorrow to blow down the driveway. Cripes.

Suck it, D.C.! You deserve a snow job.

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