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#5052: Heinlein would call it a "stinkeroo", and he'd be right.

Over the past week or so I've been reading a regressive time-travel novel I wrote. It weighs in at 768 double-spaced pages, and I can not publish least not while I'm alive. I let an acquaintance read it in 2001 and as soon as he told me it was "wish fulfillment" I knew he was right and had an irredeemable turkey on my hands. It's a good story, but its flaws cannot be fixed.

Really, I wrote it more for my own sanity than anything else. I wrote the story because it let me put paid to my high school years, though it turned out not to have been as effective in that regard as I'd hoped it would be.

So, I'm not going to inflict it on anyone else. I'm going to keep it and let it sit in storage, and maybe sometime in 2150 someone will find it and say, "Hey, Hering left an unpublished novel!" and then they can publish it, for all I care, the way they did with Heinlein's For Us, The Living--long after I'm not around to be embarassed by it.

The main reason I bring all this up is because I'm kind of astounded by the change in philosophy that is represented in the story. On my way to work today I was thinking about the story, and realized that I would not write the story that way today; 17 years ago, sure, but not today. The tone would be different, the attitude of the main character would be nothing like what it is in the story as it is. I didn't like my life as it was when I started writing that story; I wanted a "do over"--and that story was about as close as I was likely to get.

I realize now how much I had to go through to get to the place I am, and am thankful for the journey; I wouldn't change a thing.

* * *

Look, here's a study which proves that if a woman wants an abortion, she should get one, because otherwise HER LIFE IS RUINED!!!


* * *

Karl Denninger weighs in on the trials and tribulations of the U.S.S. Glass Gears, err, Fort Worthless er,...

That's the new Navy ship which got sidelined because its gear oil got contaminated. I made some wry comments about it in a previous post.


* * *

National Review blundered big time with it's anti-Trump issue.

Bush's domestic policies were, by and large, a complete disaster for average Americans. It's time for the GOP to get on the same page as the rest of us.

* * *

Weather report says "rain" tomorrow, as does the huge halo around the moon. *sigh*

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