atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#504: Lucky Star, Love GetChu, I"s

Thanks to Wonderduck I found Lucky Star on AnimeSuki and downloaded every episode I could. I watched ep 1 this morning, and though the art takes some getting used to I liked what I saw. There were some genuine belly laughs in it.

Love GetChu has also captured my attention. Having seen ep 1 I want to see more of it.

I"s continues to rule. There are some changes made to the flow of the plot here and there, but so far I haven't seen anything egregious or utterly fricking wrong.

I also took in--among other things--ep 13 of Mamotte Shugogetten, and so far I am really liking the latest character to join the cast, Kaori Aihara. Although she's a schemer, Kaori seems to have the deepest personality of any character save Tasuke and Shaorin. Which is to say she seems a lot less one-dimensional than 80% of the characters in that series. But I've only seen two episodes with her in them, and I have my doubts about how long Kaori will continue to seem multi-dimensional.

And she's extra-cute:

And I've just learned that the actress who does Kaori's voice also did the evil Hikaru Hiyama from Kimagure Orange Road. OMG.

The more I look through the anime blogosphere, the more anime I expect I'll have to track down and have a look at. It's a full life if you don't weaken, I guess.

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