atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5053: Well, that worked out all right.

So at about 8:30 I was told to punch out at 9. I did not punch out at 9, because at 8:45 I got a call which lasted an hour.

The caller was not nasty or mean; it was simply a thorny problem that took that long to get resolved. Resolve it I did, but it meant I clocked out at 9:45 rather than 9 PM, a bare 15 minutes before my quitting time.

I can live with that.

* * *

Used robots for sale! A website dedicated to selling used robots! This is the 21st Century!

* * *

The H1B visa program must be eliminated or curtailed.

* * *

Cogent analysis from ZeroHedge on presidential crimes, then and now. Comparing Nixon/Reagan to Clinton/Bush, a very interesting essay.

* * *

For later perusal when I have more energy, America's Ruling Class and its horseshit.

* * *

A lifting body gets its shape from the laws of physics. That's why this proposed spacecraft looks lots like the DC-X.

* * *

Waiting for pizza. Where is it? Hungry.

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