atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5054: Well, that worked.

Today I--expecting myself to follow the pattern I've exhibited for the past three months--figured that I'd wake up naturally, then take the Jeep over to the tire shop to get the valve stem replaced on that right front wheel.

Even without an alarm set, I wake up around my normal workday waking time, 11-ish or so; sometimes I'm able to sleep until noon. I figured, hey, that's plenty of time to get things done, right? So I don't have to set an alarm or do anything else to make sure I'm up. I mean, I'm never able to sleep later than 12:30.

...I promptly proceeded to sleep until 2:30 PM. *sigh*

Tomorrow, then, I'll make another attempt.

* * *

Al Gore warned us that if we did nothing about the environment, in ten years--today--the Earth would pass the point of no return. Of course, his prediction was based on the same BS they're still peddling, and which is still non-scientific scaremongering, which is why the Earth is no closer to the "point of no return" than it was in 1996.

* * *

I have no words. Japan's sex toy industry is still striving to make sexbots. *sigh*

* * *

Chapter 87: The H1B visa program must be curtailed or eliminated. Disney sued by former IT workers displaced by cheap H1B labor.

* * *

The GOP leadership does not think much of the party base. Of course not; the base lives out there in flyover country! If they weren't hicks and rubes, they wouldn't live there! They'd live somewhere nice like NYC or LA or DC!
If the GOP brain-trust was arguing from a baseline of stellar success and policy wins, it'd be different. But the post-Reagan era has been an utter catastrophe in terms of actual conservative policy, and on all fronts: cultural, economic, foreign-policy, tax policy, you name it. The arrogance of these pissants is pretty rich, given their two-decade run of fecklessness and failure.
Can't agree more. Particularly with this sentence in a prior paragraph: "...[T]he so-called 'intellectuals' who have been driving GOP policy for the past two decades have done a spectacularly shitty job of it."

"Spectacularly shitty" is an apt phrase, there.

* * *

Well, as they say, tomorrow is another day.

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