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#5055: They dang well better.

We're told that the FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton. The only thing standing in the way of the indictment, really, is Obama's Attorney General.

If she refuses to indict, it'll mean the end of the Democrat party. Not now, and not next year, but soon enough; because if Hillary Clinton can get away with high crimes and misdemeanors, other Democrats will follow suit...until someone screws up so magnificently that it cannot be papered over, and that will utterly destroy the Democrats.

Politicians--particularly in the 21st century--are mayflies, concerned only with themselves and the moment; they don't care about the future past the next election. I expect the Democrat party to close ranks behind Hillary, particularly if she is indicted, but it has to be done or else the Democrats are finished. If she is not indicted and the FBI goes public with the evidence they've gathered, it will demonstrate how partisan and corrupt the Democrats have become, and it will reflect badly on the Obama administration.

Obama ain't gonna like that.

* * *

This needs to go forward. Massachusetts is warning the manufacturer of that Hepatitis C drug--the one that licensed it to Indian manufacturers such that it sells for about $5 a dose in India--that they'd best lower their price on the drug in America or face a lawsuit.

Karl Denninger has been making the point for just about ever, that the way medical supplies and services are priced in the US constitutes a violation of fair trade laws, and here Massachusetts is actually trying to do something about it. Massachusetts, of all places!

This is something that really needs to spread across the nation.

* * *

There's probably about a million bits of malware in this so don't go there unless you have AdBlock and good antivirus; but I've been watching Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken and enjoying it. I watched the first series last night--each ep is 3.5 minutes long--and I had to stop myself watching the entirety of the second series before even putting up a blog post or eating breakfast.

I originally went to that site because Steven Den Beste talked about Oshiete! Galko-chan and I wanted to see why he couldn't watch more than a minute of the first ep. (I enjoyed it, though, so I watched eps 2 and 3.) Then I got curious and wondered what else was there, and had a look at the list.

No idea how long that site will be there, either. Well, that's how it goes, I guess.

* * *

The other day I got to thinking about terraforming Venus again, and this time it looks as if I'm starting to get the barest germ of a story to go with it. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Meanwhile I--while screwing around with notepad at work--came up with a character for a kind-of-funny SF setting. The main character is one Charles "Sloot" Enoch, and he lives in a world where rocket travel has replaced airplane travel and the Moon is the land of opportunity...only he can't get there because he doesn't have any money. He's an unemployed pilot living in a disused hangar near a rocket junkyard, and he's slowly piecing together a rocket which will get him to the Moon on a shoestring. One day he finds a power plant which will let him get his rocket out of the atmosphere, and that's when his adventures really begin.

I decided that he'd talk something like a 1920's actor, with the clipped eastern accent we know from movies and old recordings. (This decision was heavily influenced by American Horror Story: Hotel, in which Evan Peters plays Mr. James March, the person who built the haunted hotel in the 1920s. That character stole every scene he was in.) His ship--being cobbled together from old parts--is eclectic and eccentric, and he has ways of doing things no one else can least, not quite.

Right now I have the barest framework of a story and one scene to fit in it somewhere. Again, "further bulletins as events warrant."

* * *

I don't know what else to say. Heck with it.

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