atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5057: More bare floor

Tonight I did some more work on the basement. This time I tackled the west wall, and while I did not get it as clean and organized as I got the southwest corner, I did make an impressive dent in the pile, and filled one of the trash barrels with useless crap no one will ever want or need.

I figure if I do a few hours' worth of cleaning every week, I will have the basement in usable shape before summertime.

Getting the periphery as clean and de-cluttered as possible is necessary because once I begin working on the center I'm going to need the room.

The most nerve-wracking part? I found all the Zip disks. I have a stack of ten of 'em, and now I'm trying to copy them to the D: drive on Floristica, and every time there's a read error my heart leaps into my mouth. If this drive goes spoingg! it's going to be kind of hard to find another one that hasn't succumbed to click of death, and because click of death is contagious it means that the disk that made the drive die is unrecoverable. I have backups of these things to CD, but they are approximately somewhere.

I got the most important one done, anyway: the writing.

The original Zip drive I got, I bought in 1996 as a graduation present for myself. My computer already had a SCSI card in it; I just needed to get the right cable--and the drive came with one, for crying out loud, so that wasn't a problem, either. And thereafter I used the Zip drive for just about everything, because hard drives crash and if you don't have it in two places, you don't have it. Yeah.

Besides, the hard drive in my computer only held 400 MB per partition (gotta love the olden days before we could have multi-gigabyte partitions!) and that was pushing it. The hard drive was actually 800 MB but could emulate, in hardware, two 400 MB drives; I bought it for that reason--as an on-site computer tech I'd seen what a disaster the various compatibility mode software was for people.

Anyway: I don't remember what filled my hard drive back in those days, but the Zip drive represented unlimited expansion, 100 MB at a time, for $20 a disk--that was just stupid cheap storage in 1996. Of course it was not too many years later that blank CD-Rs were selling for $1 apiece, and Zip disks became obsolete, both for me and everyone else. These disks haven't been used in more than a decade. Shit.

Anyway, once I'm done copying these things, they can go back into storage. I'm going to dump them to another disk, of course, but all of them will fit easily on a $5 FLASH drive, so that's no biggie.

It's the 21st century, after all.

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