atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5068: Another couple of hours done

The haul out of the basement was smaller this time--two bags of trash and an entire box of Animerica--but I made some progress.

The magazines: I have not read them in twelve years. I forgot I even had that many of the damned things. I knew I had comic books; I'm not throwing those away, but the anime magazines can go. Animerica was primarily an advertising venue for Viz, anyway.

Here's what I did with the Animerica: I'd get each new issue because it was on my pull list at the comic store; I'd read it, put it into a magazine bag, and stick it in a box. And never, never, ever look at it again.

What I dumped this evening was not the entirety of the Animerica and the Animerica Extra (which was serialized manga printed on pulp) but probably at least half the Animerica and a handful of the Animerica Extra that I have. I'll have to dig into the comic boxes to find the rest of it, but that can go too; then I should have room for all the Knights of the Dinner Table and the other comics that I plan to keep or sell on Ebay.

Thus we make progress.

I still have a pretty long way to go, but it's merely going to be effort and tedium. The next major hurdle for me to surmount is all the f-ing videotapes that I am never, never, ever going to watch. I have the complete set of of Babylon 5; I don't need, for example, the episodes that I recorded from an over-the-air broadcast from a UHF transmitter sixty miles away--with commercials and so full of video noise that it looks like complete and utter ass--nor do I need a lot of the other junk I recorded. Probably 75% of the videotapes can be summarily ejected and I will--again!--never, never, ever miss one minute of them.

The hardest part is letting go; but I've already made the decision. I may hesitate, but not falter. Executing the plan is easier because my mind is made up. Getting rid of all those Animerica rags proves it.

Go, me.

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