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#5069: Laying waste to the unwanted

This is very similar to things Mom said. I exist today because my mother had a miscarriage in 1965-ish. It's not something she ever talked much about, but if that baby had lived it's most likely I wouldn't have been born. (You never know, but probably not.) Mom had to have a D&C because of the miscarriage, and I heard her say (several times) that if anyone ever had to go through that they wouldn't want to go through it again.

Of course that was, to borrow a phrase, "a planned and wanted child", not--to borrow another phrase--a "punishment".

Even so, I am not surprised to learn that--years later--people who have had abortions regret them. I'm not surprised at all.

* * *

Are they really? Here's the problem I have with using light to detect ripples in space-time: the light is IN space-time while it's rippling. The distance along one arm or the other of the interferometer may change but the light changes with it.

When you draw an image on a balloon and blow it up, the image gets bigger. It does not magically have more ink in it nor does it materially change shape; and when you let the air out of the balloon it returns to the dimensions and shape it was before you inflated the thing. The passing of light through space-time distorted by gravity waves cannot return any information about the gravity waves.

I don't think anything's going to come of using an interferometer to measure gravity waves for the same reason nothing came of using one to measure the "aether": they're trying to measure the wrong thing, something that has no chance whatsever of demonstrating a positive result.

And for the same reason.

* * *

I really need to get to bed soon. I'd hoped to do a little more work in the basement tonight but it's not going to happen; as soon as I got home Mrs. Fungus and I watched The Prophesy. I really like that movie, a lot more than I thought I would when I first saw the commercials (between acts of Babylon 5) in 1995.

Trash must go out; and tomorrow I've got to get to work about half an hour early so I can put in apps for those two positions, of which I'd like to get one--team lead or Workforce drone. Go, me!

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