atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5070: Using spare time wisely!

Well, here's how today went: at about 4 PM there were 110 agents logged in and working. When I got back from lunch about 6:30, there were less than 50 logged in and working.

I got cut at 7:45.

Anyway, came home, relaxed for a few moments, then hit the basement. And for about an hour's worth of work, I managed to make a stunning amount of progress.

Perhaps 80% of the problem down there is inefficient stacking; we just tossed stuff down there that we needed out of the way (for eight years) and it needed to be sorted. Stuff I don't want or need that has no value gets dumped. Stuff I don't want or need that has some value gets donated. This leaves a hell of a lot more room for the stuff that I do want or need.

Tonight I filled most of a trash bag, and moved the old speakers and the room AC out of there. The old speakers will go back down there once I'm done cleaning. The room AC can stay in the garage ad infinitum since I'm hoping, this year, to do that thing where I get a spare door and hang it in the place of the front door, only with the AC stuck through it, so I can work in the garage on hot days.

There's gonna be another whopping big donation to the church before this is done, though.

* * *

At about 0:37 in the video Steven Den Beste links to is where there's a normal-speed view of the eruption and it's f-ing cool.

* * *

The flooding in the UK in early 2014 was made more likely by ELIMINATING PLACES FOR THE WATER TO GO, not global warming. Because the only way we get "global warming" is by changing the data.

* * *

Read the description of how the retina turns photons into nerve impulses and then tell me we "just happend". Hell yes, I think God made us.

* * *

So today I was fiddling with Notepad, as usual.

I started swapping letters around "Burt Reynolds" and came up with "Lund Rebroyts", and then I decided to see what would happen if I made the same substitutions in "Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit".

"Lund Rebroyts ir Smokeb art dhe Lartid" was the result.

Next, I wrote, "It's SMOKEBART THE LARTID! FLEE IN TERROR" ...and I laughed.

...look, when call volume falls off a cliff I gotta keep myself entertained somehow.

Anyway, I've decided I'm going to make a goblin named "Smokebart", because it's a perfect name for one.

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