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#5074: I like it!

Last night I--having come home too early from work--hit the basement yet again. I spent perhaps two hours working down there, and took out an entire barrel's worth of trash again. The effect, this time, was astounding, and I cleared an insane amount of floor space for such a short time working.

The win of the night: I came across a box full of old computer magazines, opened it, looked at their spines, then closed the box, took it upstairs, and put it right into the trash barrel. I'm talking about a box 24x18 inches, full of old magazines I have not even glanced at since 2004. Trash. I didn't even have to look through them.

I threw away all the pool cues for the pool table I got rid of in 2012. None of them is any good anyway; cracked or broken, tips broken off, or other issues--and they were part of a cheap set bought in 1978 as part of a Christmas gift for my brother and I (which included the pool table).

I found the rest of my paperback sci-fi library. I've been wondering where it is; now I know.

There's this child's desk I bought at a garage sale in the 1970s, which I used for quite a while in various roles, ultimately as a printer stand (which is why there's a slot cut in the back, for formfeed paper). It's going to go out just as soon as I no longer need it for keeping boxes off the floor, which is going to be damned soon.

There are now, in the main part of the basement, about three or four boxes which I have not yet touched. Two totes, one of which is full of old papers (none newer than 2007, and most older) and another which is full of videotapes. I'm going to sort those; and then I should have room to tackle the section of basement behind the stairs.

After all the trash has been evicted from there, then it's just a matter of figuring out how and where to store the remainder, which will be perhaps a third of the stuff originally stored in the basement. I'm probably going to need at least one more shelving unit, possibly two; but then I'm going to have room to set up my desk (moved from the area behind the stairs) and actually have a place I can work on computers and other stuff without cluttering up the main part of the house. I'm probably going to set up a place for video gaming too; the PS3 and SNES and whatever else comes to hand can be set up with the old (vintage 1994) 27" CRT TV I kept. Hopefully I'll be able to bring the sofa in from the garage and set it up for that, though it's going to need new cushions since they were last reupholstered in the 1970s. Ideally the area behind the stairs would be where I'd like to do that, as there's track lighting already installed in the ceiling and it would be a comfortable play space. I just don't know if it'll work, since we still have so much stuff to store that we won't be able to dispose of.

Regardless, it's going to be awesome being able to use the basement.

* * *

101 abominable album covers. Via Og, who posted it on his Facebook page. To my surprise I have actually heard (and have a copy of) #97: Thor, Keep the Dogs Away.

Friend of the Fungus, M.D., at the time of the album's discovery: "To hell with the dogs; keep that band away!"

I had only heard the eponymous track of the album when M.D. and I were on the radio show he did for his university's campus radio station; a couple years later another friend found a copy of the record at some big annual used media sale he went to religiously, and through this and that circumstance I came to have an audio copy of it, which I then digitized; so now I can listen to the MP3 whenever I want. (Which, these days, is not often.)

It's average rock, mediocre lyrics, nothing to write home about, but it's kind of entertaining, especially considering what I paid for it.

* * *

I am so happy to making this much progress on the basement for so little work. Seriously: it seems as if I've hardly spent any time at all working down there, and already the pile is about half the size it was--and it's only going to get smaller as I continue to whittle away at it.

That's what it means to clean, after all; to get rid of stuff you don't need and will never use, and which you haven't even touched in more than a decade. The hardest part is making the decision to do it; once you have, the rest is nearly effortless.

I'm hoping to make a run to the church tomorrow with several large boxes of donations to the bazaar. I'm donating a lot of books which I will never read again, among other things. Some of them are books a friend gave me in 1998-ish, and when I flipped through them last night it was the first time they'd been opened since 1998-ish. Donate.

There was one box I opened, out of which I kept a small stack of computer game literature and a couple of certifications from my Rockwell days; the rest went into the trash. This was a pretty big box, too. All the issues of Electronics Digest which I had kept solely for the Bob Pease columns--which I'd read once and hadn't read again, ever--went right into the barrel.

Sure, I could have clipped the Pease columns and saved them. But why bother? Most of them I read in 1998 or 1999, and had not read since; saving them would be a complete waste of time. Keeping clippings solely because you read them once and got a chuckle out of them is stupid. It's even worse if you keep the whole magazine or newspaper.

Mrs. Fungus and I will have to decide where we want to store our Christmas and Halloween decorations; ideally I'd like to put them in the attic or garage--but that stage will come later. Right now just getting rid of the trash is the a-number-one priority, and I'm doing a bang-up job of that. Go, me!

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