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#5075: Today's title is "Title"

First up, two from Advice Goddess:

Backfired! Basic category error, here; this woman forgot that to a man, an unsolicited genital pic means you're hot to trot; he's not going to be turned off by it (unless there's something seriously wrong with it) and in fact will take your display to mean you are ready to have sex with him.

Hence the, shall we say, enthusiastic reply.

Clicking through to the article itself, I have to say, the best reply was the guy who replied, to the picture, "Lighting's a little off."

The woman in question used a stunt double and did not use pictures of her own gentials.

...she was surprised at the difference between a woman's reaction to unsolicited dick pics and the mens' reaction to unsolicited vulva pics. As anyone educated in feminist theory would be.


* * *

The other one is more serious because the blockquoted text includes examples which our government has actually perpetrated. Meanwhile, government naturally excuses itself from following the rules that citizens must obey, because shut up and take it, prole.

* * *

Francis Porretto has an interesting post up about civilized behavior.

People from shitholes think the US will make everything better, when all the US can do is correct the immediate problem; the US cannot force the people living in the shitholes to stop doing all the things that make them shitholes in the first place. The instant the US tries, the world immediately accuses it of all kinds of high crimes and misdemeanors, and the protests start ("US out of [XYZ]!) and it's a huge mess.

We can't fix it. We can't fix Africa, we can't fix the middle east, we can't fix any of it because the people living there don't want it fixed. Specifically, they don't want to make the changes which would be required to fix what's broken.

The prosperity of the United States was not brought down from on high by an archangel; any other place in the world could be just as prosperous--but they'd have to change how they do business, and that absolutely will not happen.

I agree that it's past time for us to stop trying.

* * *

In the "I keep finding neat crap to tinker with" department, there's a $9 computer available for experimenters and the like.

People still tinker with things in their basements. Eighty years ago it was things like radios; now it's computers, CNC machines, 3D printers, and such. People still build neat things out of whatever they can get their hands on. That's pretty cool.

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