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#5079: I don't mind being wrong.

They announced, today, the detection of gravity waves. Having only two detectors in the world means we can only locate the detected event to within about 180° ("somewhere in the southern hemishere" of the sky) but it's a major step forward for physics. Being able to detect gravity waves at all is the first, tiniest step towards being able to build a gravity wave observatory--and having something like that will mean an unprecedented ability to see things we probably can't even imagine just yet.

Whether or not it fits with my notions of how the universe works is irrelevant. It works; you don't make this kind of announcement if it doesn't.

Regardless, just another example of how cool science is.

* * *

Considering that muslim outreach is now part of NASA's mission statement I don't find this terribly surprising.

Of course making sure the newsletter doesn't say "Jesus" is lots more important than sending probes to asteroids.

* * *

Old computer stuff!

Francis Porretto gets us started, remembering that his first computer had $1,100 worth of memory in it--truly a technological marvel, fitting 64k of RAM onto a single board!

He links to this, showing an advertisement for a 15 MB external hard drive from Radio Shack. RS' computer hardware was always overpriced, though.

And also to this, showing the invoice for a massive Dell system in 1988 with a 80286 processor, DOS 4.0, and Windows 2.0. A whole megabyte of RAM and a 40 MB hard drive--and the latter cost a mere $700!

I notice that it's IDE, and IDE was cutting edge back then. Hell, I worked with MFM and RLL drives for years after starting my career as a hardware tech in 1990.

* * *

"30 percent of science teachers give misinformation about climate change," goes an Arse Technica headline. No link here; I don't need it. I know what they're saying: "bad teachers not telling students about TOTALLY PROVEN GLOBAL WARMING THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED YOU FLAT-EARTH ASSHOLES etc.


* * *

I am home from work today. The past week has been bad, health-wise; Mrs. Fungus has been sick--so sick that she stayed home from work, which she never does--and I stayed home Monday to look after her. Today I am home, still, because in between looking after my wife I have been busting my hump (to borrow a phrase) cleaning out the basement and attending to other tasks. Today she is better but I am worse, and last night my entire body ached so badly I knew there was approximately a 50/50 chance that I would not go in today.

I got up around noon to have a snack; then I slept until it was nearly 4 PM. I feel better than I did.

Tomorrow, back to the grind.

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