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#5080: Welcome to the end of the world!

Today, Mrs. Fungus got a multiple-page packet on how to deal with transgendered addicts. I can't wait to see this shit.

* * *

Over at the AoSHQ Overnight OPen Thread they have this to say (links removed, go there to enjoy!):
Climate Change

I think this ArsTechnica author would better understand why there is uneven education on climate change if she knew that the 97% scientist consensus (or 95% as she states) is BS and that most of their climate doom predictions fail. Maybe you can't get consensus on teaching this crap because it's all about profit and not science.
The only thing I take exception with is that they misspelled Arse Technica.

* * *

Maine does something right. Make people work for their handouts and they stop asking for them. Amazing, what happens when you build political policies to match human nature.

* * *

More on gravity waves. When does 29 and 36 equal only 62? When you're combining two black holes of 29 and 36 solar masses, and three solar masses are converted entirely into energy and radiated away as gravity waves.

...that is a stunning amount of energy we're talking about. E=mc², and when the "m" is three times the mass of the Sun--

* * *

Tonight Mrs. Fungus and I watched Tomorrowland and really, really enjoyed it. Britt Robertson played Casey Newton exactly the way Amber Tamblyn would have about fifteen or twenty years ago; I thought her performance was brilliant. What a good movie.

* * *

Frickin' cold outside tonight. Tomorrow's another one, and they're talking about snow on Sunday. Argh etc.

Well, what the hey.

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