atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5082: A lovely Valentine's Day

Well, as lovely as it can be when you have to go to work, and drive to work in snow, and then drive home in snow and freezing drizzle which makes it impossible to keep your windshield clear without copious amounts of washer fluid and running the defroster on full blast all the way home.

*sigh* is typical for us we exchanged gifts as soon as the day arrived. I'd actually gotten her flowers the night before, but I gave her her card and the box of Fannie May chocolate-covered cherries she'd wanted; and dinner tonight was the rest of her gift (t-bone steaks, baked potatoes, salad, asparagus) per her request.

She gave me a card and a copy of The Martian, the book--which I'm going to really enjoy reading. Also, some Dove chocolates in a heart-shaped tin, into which I can put things like four-leaf clovers and old screws, but not golf tees. (There are rules.)

Then we watched The Babadook, which scared Mrs. Fungus and made me slightly apprehensive. (Note to self: ear plugs.)

We always seem to have a good time together.

* * *

Fusion is RSN but perhaps it's a little more "real soon now" than it has been for the past FORTY FRICKIN' YEARS. It seems that the shortcomings of the Tokamak design have ended up holding back the progress of fusion power, and now that there is another plasma toroid design it seems we might start to get somewhere. We'll see.

It sure would be nice if we could get, as soon as possible, the "half a megawatt in the back of a truck" fusion reactor design that Lockheed was talking about a year or two ago. Once you have fusion power, the sky is the limit. It's clean, it's cheap, it's even safer than fission power is (and fission is considerably less dangerous than coal or oil for generating electricity!) and you don't have any pesky radioactive waste for idiot governments to boondoggle.

* * *

"I hereby offer unto you THE WHAMMY, which, as you know, is unbeatable." I've had that line from this Basic Instructions strip stuck in my head for days. I love that strip.

* * *

Well, I have to go to bed soon. It's been a rather long day and I'm tired; and I have one more before it's my weekend again. Whee!

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