atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5092: Well, that's nice to know.

So today I changed the oil in the Jeep. It's been nearly 7,000 miles since I last did it, but they were nearly all highway miles--I drive 90 miles a day!--and so I figure I can let it go a little while before doing it.

While waiting for the oil to drain, I decided to take care of some other stuff, and I got the driver's side door lubricated, mostly--it still squeaks but it's better; I think I'll have to pull the detent mechanism and clean and lube it--and lubed up the hood latches so I no longer need a tow truck and hand grenades to get the hood open. A two-finger pull pops it now. (Only Jeep would put two latches on the hood rather than one on the radiator hold-down. *sigh*)

Anyway, my next little task was to get a look at the muffler and see what needs doing there:

It's a difference between "a little louder than stock" and "HOLY CRAP", though my cell phone camera is not all that good about demonstrating the difference. As I say in the video, I just need a couple of nuts. That's it. I need to measure the diameter and get some idea about the thread pitch, but if they're not metric (and who knows?) they'd be coarse thread and perhaps 3/8".

* * * I went to the hardware store since YouTube was taking its own sweet time processing that video, and it's metric, all right. I bought metric and standard nuts, and washers; and the washers are too small (3/8") and the metric nuts fit.

Anyway, I have new nuts on there and they'll at least keep the pipe from separating. Later I can get some washers so the nuts can actually clamp things together, as right now there's perhaps a 1/8" gap between the nuts and the flange. But that's okay.

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