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#5095: We have to soldier on

No plow guy today, and we're snowed in. I'm going to have to dig out the south side of the driveway using a shovel, wide enough for Mrs. Fungus' car. Then I'm going to run the Jeep over the plow drift on the north side a few times to make my side more easily accessible.

The news reports we watched yesterday had reporters from the city down here in the Fungal Vale because this is the part of the region that got hit the hardest. Total for the Fungal Vale was in the neighborhood of twelve inches of packing snow. The little snowblower that could met its match. Dry powder is doable, even up to 15 inches or so, but this wet crap won't move easily and the machine can't hack it.

But first, I have a phone interview to handle. It's for a promotion at work; I'm talking to corporate HR people about moving into the Workforce side of things, where I wouldn't be on phones all that much but would instead be looking at productivity and analyzing trends and charts and all that good stuff. It's probably not much more money at this stage, but it's a path forward and upward.

That's at two (currently 1:30 and counting) so we'll see how it goes.

...I have just been informed that the interview has been rescheduled, perhaps because I'm not going to be at work today. My boss will text me with the details. Thrills!

* * *

GOP talks tough, comments are skeptical. Exactly as you'd expect, considering that the GOP has broken so many promises already that no one can believe a word they say, including conjunctions and definite articles ("and" and "the").

* * *

Do tell. Muslim graves in France from the 7th century used islamic funeral traditions which persist to this day. Considering that the entire religion (using the term loosely) has remained mired in the 7th century, none of that is remotely surprising. The lede oozes something about "cultural diversity", of course.

Fred Reed on diversity and everything that makes it something less than desirable:
Suppose that Jimmy Joe McWhilliker in Lost Hope, Tennessee genitally mutilated his daughters, refused to let them go to school, forced them to wear funny black bags, didn’t let them go out alone, made them marry smelly elderly Pakistanis against their will, and killed them if they weren’t virgins. That’s equal? To what?

But that’s what we are importing, boys and girls. And if you don’t think this thirteenth-century nightmarish subhuminism is just peachy, are...Islamophobic!

As any decent person would be.
Emphasis his.

* * *

A primer on leftism which reads like a 3rd grade reader.

* * *

So, today's Wizard of Id, with some comments:

The first comment comes from a brainless lump, reproduced here in case you can't see it:
Ghretighoti said, about 12 hours ago

97% of all the scientists in the world don’t debate it; they are sure it’s happening and human-caused. (Or maybe they are all involved in the Chinese conspiracy that Trump claims is being perpetrated. I wish Republicans would go back to "worthwhile" things like "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" and "Should we repeal the Law of Gravity?"
Yes, 97% of all scientists agree that global warming is real and man-made and happening now, and only those Rethuglicans think that maybe we don't know quite as much as we pretend to, because they're anti-science.

The reality is too complex for Ghretighoti's tiny little mind, of course, so we shall allow his illusion of perfect certitude to remain. (Incidentally, his nick is pronounced "fresh fish", because he must show everyone that he is cleverer than we are. *rolleyes*)

* * *

NASA has finally achieved the trifecta they struggled towards since the end of the Apollo days.
Under the Obama administration's guidance, NASA has established Mars as a goal for human spaceflight and said that astronauts will visit the red planet by the 2030s. However, a growing number of critics say the agency’s approach is neither affordable nor sustainable.
Critics of the space program have always said those things.

"Affordable" is easily dealt with--NASA's budget has been a paltry minim compared to the budgets lavished on welfare and other socialist programs. Doubling NASA's budget would have no impact on social spending, where the reverse--eliminating NASA and giving its budget over to social services--would also have no impact on social spending. NASA's budget is simply too small (about $20 billion) while social spending consumes over half the total federal budget (which was, the last time I looked, around $4,000 billion).

"Affordable"? We're spending $2,000 billion on welfare; NASA's budget is 0.1% of that. If we cannot afford $20 billion for NASA, we especially cannot afford $2,000 billion for welfare.

"Sustainable"--the problem with modern politics is that "sustainable" now has more than one meaning, and as it's usually applied now it means "environmentally friendly". But let's assume they mean it in its more classic sense, that NASA will be unable to sustain this effort for this or that reason.

Taking politics out of the equation is probably the best way to fix that. NASA's new booster, Ares, was canceled on a whim of the Obama administration. Perhaps it might be better to find a way to make the agency's direction a little less mercurial.

Regardless, the future of space travel does not lie through a government agency. Thank God.

* * *

Getting the driveway as clear as I got it--down to the plow drift on the south side only--took just about everything I had. I couldn't clear a full swath with the blower, but had to take half-bites, and at that I had to back-and-fill a lot.

Advice for the future: get a two-stage snowblower. With something better than a 3 HP engine. It seems like a waste of money, but with all this global warming going on (97% of all scientists agree it's proven!) we're just going to have longer and snowier winters.

You know, when Mom and I originally bought this thing, winters around here were still pretty mild, and I expected that most of the time I'd be dealing with 3, 4, 5 inch snowfalls, because that was typical. Since she passed away, though, I've dealt with a lot of 8, 10, and 12-inch storms, a lot more than I expected.

That global warming sure is a bitch.

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