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#5098: Hypocrisy everywhere

GOP moderates are planning to take their toys and go home if Trump gets the nomination. These are the same moderates who insisted that 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 were "most improtnat election EVAH" and that if we conservatives didn't close ranks and vote for their guy (variously being George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney) the Democrats would win and we would all be screwed. These were the same people who insisted that if we gave them majorities in Congress they would Do Something About Obamacare and the defict.

No action on the latter, save kabuki theater and failures carefully orchestrated to look (to the stupid) as if the Democrats had outmaneuvered the GOP. Problem being, of course, that like all moderately bright people the GOP leadership thinks--incorrectly--that everyone else is abysmally stupid.

The same moderates, now faced with the possibility that Donald Trump actually will be the nominee, are now showing their true colors. It does not--it never did--matter to them what happens as long as one of them is in power, but if there's any chance at all that anyone outside of their clique is going to win, they'd vastly prefer electing a Democrat.

John C. Wright also discusses this and sums it up nicely:
Ever since I started voting Republican rather than Libertarian, I have been asked by so-called moderates and so-called practical men to vote for unsuitable candidates who did not support my principles I hold most dear on the grounds that our bad candidate was better than the Democrat worse candidate. I accepted those grounds as valid. I voted as asked for establishment chumps and we got Clinton and Obama.

Now, when the shoe is on the other foot, and instead of a crony-capitalist like McCain or a will-do-nothing-about-abortion like Dole, or a pro-socialized-medicine-guy like Romney, and it is the turn of the moderates to hold their nose and vote for the most electable candidate, suddenly now and only now principles matter?
They only matter because the moderates themselves don't care about them; the very definition of being moderate is being a squishy-ass weathervane--but those principles can be used as a lever to get the hoi polloi to vote the way they want them to.

I'm voting Trump in the primary, and if he wins nomination I'm voting Trump in the general election. If Trump does not win, I'm not voting Republican because I'm not going to vote for Rubio (ineligible for the position). I won't vote for Cruz unless he produces proof that he's an American citizen; absent that proof he's also ineligible (and there is a nonzero probability that he's not).

And yes, it's because I'm sick of the GOP moderates and their shenanigans. "...[C]old and calculating fury, just about one inch from becoming a black hole of anger" just about covers it.

I don't condemn the moderates as hypocrites for saying they won't vote for a candidate they don't like. I condemn them as hypocrites for insisting we conservatives do so, and then refusing to do so when it's their turn.

* * *

Today was a pretty spectacularly shitty day.

Item: panic attack almost as soon as I woke up. Xanax helped, but it left me feeling like a zombie for the rest of the day.

Item: big reshuffle sprung on us; like nearly everyone else I'm being moved to a new team. I like my boss and I like my team leader; it's the first time in a very long one I've had a boss that I liked and looked up to. Management decided to do this and sent the e-mail out yesterday.

Item: people are idiots, and I hate them. Especially idiots who insist that I have to give them a $700 credit because their phone bill is $20 higher than they expected it to be and they're under a 2-year contract (and they don't know how to do math). Also idiots who insist their phone couldn't possibly have used data when their account is a gigabyte over its limit for the month.

Item: gas is still more expensive than it ought to be, considering that there is still a massive oversupply of crude oil in the world.

Item: hungry.


Still, things improved massively after I got home.

* * *

Og sent me a couple of messages, suggesting the Raspberry Pi Zero (a snip at $5!) but there's a couple of minor problems with that suggestion I didn't have the brainpower to supply at the time.

1) The controller itself is $5, yes. But to hook it up to anything you need a bunch of other stuff. Probably I could get away with the thing and some headers and some other stuff, but I'd like to get the starter kit...which is $59.

2) You can't find the damned things. They're brand new and extra-popular and Raspberry didn't anticipate the demand for them.

Still, it bears thinking about. I'm far enough away from being done with the basement that I can worry about all this at a later time. But I do want to get a couple of cheap microcontrollers and see what I can build with them; they're inexpensive and powerful.

I do have a Motorola 68HC11 prototyping board, vintage 1994, somewhere in the basement. That, however, has absolutely no I/O or any other circuitry save the microcontroller and some other bits and pieces. The mcu itself does have some on-board memory--2k as I recall--and you have to program it in assembly because there aren't any higher-level language compilers (C, Pascal) for it. The nice thing about an Arduino or a Pi or a C.H.I.P. is that they have display, memory, I/O, and just about everything else you need integrated on the board.

And, by the way, the 68HC11 cost nearly $90 at the (steeply discounted) student price.

Depending on how this goes, I may have to re-learn C. This would not be an entirely wasted endeavor, though, considering.

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