atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5099: Really? Are you serious?

Past week or so I've just felt amazingly beat down. Saturday morning I woke up to a panic attack and had to take Xanax, and proceeded to have a pretty crummy day. Today I woke up feeling like crap, wanting only to go back to bed; instead I (naturally) got up and hit the shower.

Got myself pulled together and walked out the door a handful of minutes after my preferred departure time, looked at the Jeep--

Right front tire: flat.

I stood there and stared at it for a few moments. I wondered, briefly, what sort of doom this omen portended, and contemplated turning around, calling off, and hiding in bed for the rest of the day. Instead I put my stuff in the Jeep, opened the garage, and changed the tire. (I sent a text message to my boss telling him I had a flat and that I'd be late, first.)

At least the job was made easier by the presence of all my tools, including the compressor. It didn't even take fifteen minutes to do the job, and I wasn't exactly hurrying. I did end up getting out of the driveway more than twenty minutes later than I like.

Drove to work at my normal speed, not rushing because I had left too late to get there on time; and to my chagrin I arrived at work at 1:31 PM--just late enough to be late. We have a four-minute grace period but it takes me five minutes to get to my desk from the parking lot, to say nothing of getting logged into the system and punched in and ready to take calls.

The day at work, at least, was tolerable. Since they're rearranging the call center, today my new team had a meeting, and it lasted almost two hours. Then I had some training to take, which took an hour; and once all that was done I went to lunch. And I got to leave on time.

Still--I feel beaten down, and I really wish it were Monday evening rather than Sunday. Argh etc.

Mrs. Fungus had her dinner earlier, so she told me just to do whatever I wanted for dinner. I, not feeling terribly hungry, made some noodles and put butter on them, a little garlic powder...and then, on impulse, added parmesan cheese. It's delicious. Holy crap.

* * *

How to shoot down an F-35. It's not like you can light up a Vietnam-era SAM battery and shoot down an F-35 with it, but the older targeting radars could be modified with some modern signal processing hardware and pose a serious threat.

* * *

Rapists' lives matter. The rapist in question was carrying a gun, six ounces of crack, and some heroin, and when cops told him to drop the gun, he didn't, and tried to fight back. The rest is left as an exercise for the student.

* * *

No it wouldn't. The military would not revolt against Trump unless he ascended to power via illegal means.

* * *

Tyranny seems strongest right before it implodes. It can't be otherwise.

* * *

I really can't wait for quitting time Monday night. It can't come soon enough.

ADDENDUM: By the way, all that snow we got on Wednesday? It's melted. All of it. Dang.

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