atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5100: Somehow I survived the day.

So, today I had a record-breaking example of entitled behavior. I'm going to change the name to protect the stupid, but talking about his name is essential to the story, so here goes.

Guy called in, identified himself as "Melville". I informed him--per policy--that because there is no "Melville" listed on the account as an account manager I won't be able to discuss any particulars of the account with him.

"Melville" proceeded to get angry with me, saying that the account was under the name "Samual Wilson" but that he has never, from the day he was born, ever gone under "Samual", and that should have been notated on his account, because they go through it every time!

He added a bunch of crap about job security and corporations and other idiocy, and finally told me he was going to use the computer instead where all he had to do was enter a four-digit code, and hung up on me.

Me, I notated the account, documenting the interaction as I'm supposed to. I then successfully resisted the urge to add a "hot remark" to the effect that all reps should refer to customer as "Sammy"...but I really, really had to work for it.

* * *

"Their satellite data has shown no warming for about two decades, and has been cited by researchers skeptical of claims of catastrophic global warming." Well, I guess these two guys are among the 3% of "all scientists" who are stupid anti-science bigots who probably think the Earth is flat and believe in creationism.

* * *

So the GOP elites are still threatening to vote for Hillary if Trump wins nomination.

Karl Denninger reminds us: "So Mr. McConnell, you supported your party when they demanded a "loyalty oath" from Trump, but that doesn't extend to the party? It's one-sided?" Of course it is. When the GOP leadership had Trump sign that oath they fully expected that he'd get creamed in the primaries and end up supporting Bush or Rubio.

Instead, Trump is crushing all the GOP candidates, and now it's a huge emergency for the GOP leadership because they sure as hell don't want Trump setting the party agenda for the next four-to-eight years. That would be disastrous for them. It's anathema to everything they've worked for, everything they've tried to build--and if Trump has the bully pulpit he can walk right past the GOP gatekeepers and take his case right to the American people, and then there's no exclusive deals for anyone.

But any so-called Republican who votes for Hillary Clinton over the party nominee should be drummed out of the ranks.

...and it sorely needs to be done. Maybe God hasn't given up on America yet.

* * *

New episode of Gotham tonight, and as soon as the pizza arrives, we're watching it. Win.

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