atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5101: This is all they have for us today.

I'm going to reproduce the clickbait headline the way it was posted.

Daddy long legs found with 99 million year old giant ERECTION.

There's only one graphic I can use with this, and it's resurrected from the old Fungus spam post days:

Consult a doctor if you have an erection lasting more than four hours.

* * *

All the snow melted, and last night we had some "wintry mix", and today we're having light snow with occasional near-blizzard conditions. The "near-blizzard" part only lasts a couple of minutes at a time, though, and no serious accumulation is expected.

Last night the salt trucks were pre-staged on my way home, though.

* * *

The new up of Gotham last night did not disappoint. Especially since we've been introduced to Mr. Freeze!

* * *

...and here I go, doing more work on what's supposed to be my day off. The lower bearing on the washer is already (replaced it only a year ago!) making lots of noise; I'm going to have to get that tub seal ($60) and replace the bearing again. The belt made a stink the last time we used the washer, so I have to replace it right away; but that belt had already seen some wear before the lower bearing went completely and I'm not surprised it needs replacing already.

So I must take the front panel off the washer to get the belt out, then take the Jeep tire to a tire shop, and go get a belt for the washing machine. O such a stimulating life I lead.


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