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#5103: I can't say this enough.

You don't need nude photographs of yourself. Not on your phone, not anywere. Not unless you're an Obama-level narcissist who masturbates to self-portraits, and even then there are better places to keep those pictures than on your f-ing cell phone.

Holy shit, wtf.

* * *

So Trump won big last night and the GOP establishment continues to lose its collective shit over it.

It has to be Rubio, they say, even though Cruz is the logical Trump substitute since he's lots more popular than Rubio. Problem is, Cruz is campaigning on upsetting many of the applecarts that Trump intends to upset, which is why the GOP establishment can't stomach the thought of supporting him. But Marco Rubio won in Minnesota! He's not out yet, right?

And the GOP seems unable to realize that they're not in charge on this one, that no matter how hard they push the guy they want, the rank-and-file is sick of voting for Shit Sandwich. This strategy could have worked--did work--in 2008 and 2012, to varying degrees, but it didn't win elections and the GOP wasted political capital in the process. Now the leadership is insisting that the party rank-and-file vote for yet another Shit Sandwich: "Trust us! We really do want to fix everything!" But the rank-and-file is refusing because they've seen how things work, and know that the GOP leadership is not to be trusted.

There has been too much subterfuge, too much trickery, from the GOP leadership for the rank-and-file to believe them any longer. Some of us have more patience than others; I was fed up before the 2012 elections but I'm a hothead. An ever-increasing number of GOP voters is coming to see what I realized in 2011--that the GOP leadership doesn't have any interest in representing me and my ideological ilk--and they are voting with their feet.

The GOP leadership is risking a lot by denying Trump. As Denninger points out, there, the GOP must treat Trump as its frontrunning candidate; anything else is political suicide. Trump is the GOP's last chance; if he ends up winning a majority of the primaries yet is somehow not the GOP nominee the rank-and-file will riot, and the GOP is over as a political party.

The last paragraph of this post sums it up nicely:
It’s also why the bellowing from conservative media over Trump has backfired. The people are angry at the Republicans for their treachery. They are hardly going to listen to the party’s propaganda organs lecture them on the need to be loyal in the fight against the dirt monster. If anything, like the peasants in the Italian countryside when Alaric approached Rome, they will side with the wrecker.
It especially does not help when the party elites start saying they will vote for Hillary if Trump is nominated. If the party elites have no party loyalty, how can they reasonably expect anyone else to?

* * *

It is now reasonable to assume that any widely-reported "hate crime" is in fact a hoax perpetrated by someone who has an axe to grind. All the big stories about hate crimes have turned out to be hoaxes, or otherwise not actual hate crimes. (Matthew Shepard, for example; he wasn't killed because he was gay, but because he was less than scrupulous in his dealings with the drug underworld.)

This example consists of three black girls who boarded a bus with white people aboard it, caused a ruckus, assaulted other passengers...and then claimed they were themselves the victims of a racially-motivated attack.
"The evidence indicates they were actually the aggressors in the physical altercation, and that they continued to assault the victim despite the efforts of several passengers to stop them," police said in a statement.
So, yeah--whenever I hear that something is a "hate crime" I immediately suspect it's a hoax of some kind, because nearly every time something like this crops up it turns out either to be exaggerated or entirely made up.

* * *

Putting a stop to the NSA used to be a hippie rallying cry but these days it's actually necessary. NSA's bailiwick used to be monitoring foreign communications; somehow that expanded to include domestic spying, something that's decidedly against its original charter.

NSA holding its hearings in public court is a good step in the right direction, but of course none of that will happen.

* * *

$68 million is a tiny fraction of what Chicago owes pension funds but it comes as absolutely no surprise to me that machine Democrats are skimming whatever they can from the money pool. It's been true of Chicago for a long time: if you know the right people, you're set for life.

* * *

I tried this and failed which is why it cost me $33 to have the job done. Oh well.

* * *

While at Ace yesterday, for a new belt for the washer, I had a gander at a few things. You know, the aisle where they keep the nuts and bolts is full of all kinds of useful bits and pieces, not just basic fasteners. Candelabra sockets, lamp parts, brass bushings, bearings, pins, posts, connectors, all kinds of stuff.

But what got my attention is the LED light bulbs, specifically the decorative globe bulbs. The main bathroom in the bunker needs new bulbs; currently I've got one working globe and a CFL lighting it, because the regular bulbs are about $3.29 apiece. The LED equivalent? $5, and I have an Ace gift card for $5 off a $20 purchase. You can see where this is going: getting bulbs that last longer and use less energy for a very slight premium over the incandescent bulbs. Well, Friday is payday....

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