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#5104: When one supervisor change per week just isn't enough!

Last week I learned, abruptly, that I was getting a new supervisor, such that Monday I had to move to a new pod and take up doing my job under another supervisor. I liked my old sup; the new guy seems reasonable but is an unknown quantity.

...he's been my sup for three days, and he'll be my sup for four before I (and the team I'm on) get a new one.


Anyway I had my interview for the Workforce position on Thursday, and I'm hoping everything goes in my favor. I'll know that in about a week; but if it does, it means not being on the phones for the rest of my career, which would be good.

* * *

Meanwhile, crude oil is trading at $36 a barrel and gasoline is priced as if it were trading at $50 a barrel. It hit $2 a gallon again. How irritating.

* * *

Romney ended his career with his anti-Trump speech whether he knows it or not.

The GOP is collectively shitting itself over the increasing liklihood of Trump being the nominee, and I am enjoying the schadenfreude to a considerable extent.

* * *

Thursday was a pretty bad day. First off, I had the interview scheduled at 1:30, which is when I'm supposed to start work. Just about everything seemed to go wrong, with the result that I got into the office at 1:26 PM. The interview was okay but I choked bad a couple of times, which caused a panic attack (after the interview was over) and a near-complete inability to relax. To make matters worse I had some unremediated shitheads to deal with on the phone. (Surprisingly, that's not an everyday occurrence.)

Things did not get better until after dinnertime, but then I got a call at 9:59:40 which kept me on the phone until 10:30. Got home and was totally exhausted, which is why there was no blog post; I don't remember what we did last night but there wasn't very much of it, and we were in bed early.


Today I did not want to go to work, but I did; I only managed that because I promised myself that if things got to be too much for me I'd ask to go home early. Mrs. Fungus had an issue with her car that needed tending to, though, so instead of going home I went to where she worked and tended to it so she could drive home safely.

She needed a new headlight, and I was worried that it would be some kind of nightmare to replace it; but that was only because I forgot that--generally speaking--Toyota engineers are not screeching morons like the nameless Chrysler idiot who thought putting the battery behind the fender liner was a good idea. (I seem to recall a relatively modern GM car which requires that you remove the bumper to change the headlight. I definitely remember a Chevy which required removing the engine to change the spark plugs, but that was in the 1970s.)

Not a Toyota engineer.

Mrs. Fungus' Toyota? Open the hood, reach around the radiator core support--right there, turn the socket 60° and pull the thing out. The hardest part was getting the bulb out of the socket. It's not even an expensive part--$10 at Meijer, where we went for it--and it took me longer to find the right bulb in the store store than it did to pull the old bulb and replace it with the new one.

Anyway, it's a job well done. Then we got home around 12:20, a mere 4.33 hours after I left work. *sigh*

Time for bed...and I hope Saturday is better than Thu and Fri were.

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