atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5106: No one deserves that.

On my way home this evening, coming down $Last_Major_Highway_Before_Turnoff, I was irritated at the vehicles stopping by the road. "What the hell are these idiots doing?" I muttered.

Then I saw what they were gaping at, and had to stop myself.

It was a house, utterly engulfed in flames. I took video of it, though I'm not sure I'll post it (crappy cell phone camera FTW, and me swearing like a sailor at the sight). It's a multiple-alarm fire with units even coming from the Fungal Vale to assist putting the thing out.

I have never seen a fire that big. God willing, this'll be a one-time thing. Crimony.

Anyway, after taking the video I said a prayer for the people who lived there, in the hopes that everyone got out safely and no one was injured.

No one deserves to have his house burn down. Damn.

* * *

Anyone who doesn't understand job stress obviously never had to hold down a job for any length of time.

* * *

So: learned today that the idea of me moving back to my old team was nixed before my former supervisor even finished asking the question. So if I don't get that Workforce position, I'm seeking a better job.

The heavy-handed upper management bullshit is getting to be too much for my taste. It's to the point now that they're providing scripts, something $Major_Telecom does not use in its call centers; their philosophy is to have call center reps who are engaged with their customers rather than robotically reciting scripts. And this script does not work for all types of calls, yet it is the mandated close ("you will use this close with EVERY CALL, no exceptions").

Let me tell you: it makes no sense to ask someone, "Do you agree that this solution is the best way to address your issue?" when they called to ask how much data they've used this month. In fact, today I had one call (out of 38) where it was appropriate to use that close. But one guy had good success with it, so everyone must use it. No, as they say, exceptions. *sigh*

I get that we have to do much better than we have been, else $Major_Telecom may take their contract elsewhere, dumping us all out of a job. It doesn't make sense, however, for the general manager of the center to micro-manage every last detail; and this "fuck you, I'm the boss and I know what's best for you!" horseshit isn't going to help matters much.

Anyway, here's hoping I get the Workforce job and don't have to worry about any of this crap for much longer.

* * *

Came home to the smell of burned rubber: the washing machine threw another belt. Know what that means! I'm going to go get a new bearing on Tuesday and tear that bitch down, then rebuild it...again!

Note to self: order tub seal soonest.

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