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#5107: If the GOP nominates Romney this year, I vote Democrat.

Romney says, "I can't rule out accepting the nomination."
Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, refused Sunday to rule out becoming the nominee again this year at a brokered convention, though he insisted he couldn’t imagine that happening.
There is a clear frontrunner right now--Trump--and a clear second, Cruz; there is no way in hell Romney should even be in consideration.

That said, though, if the GOP puts Romney up--Romney, who hasn't run, hasn't campaigned, and hasn't had anyone vote for him--if Romney is nominated, I am going to cast my vote for whoever the Democrats front. Period, full stop.

Karl Denninger writes about this, too:
The Republican Establishment's actions, should they choose to ignore the vote of the people and place upon the Republican Presidential Ticket anyone who did not receive a plurality of the vote in the caucus and primary system, will have declared that we the people can no longer settle our political differences at the ballot box when the soapbox fails to do so.
And he finishes, "I do not wish to see where that may well lead, but if that day comes then it is incumbent upon all of us as citizens to make damn sure that the GOP Establishment is held responsible for the consequences." Damn straight--and I'll make "damn sure" by voting Democrat.

* * *

It turns out that if you adjust the satellite data using a global warming model, global warming appears in the data! You see:
Mears and the Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) crew have been using a climate model to estimate the impact of this time-of-day drift on the satellite measurements.
So if you use a climate model to adjust the data, it shows that global warming is worse than ever!

While we're at it let's go on a SCIENCE ADVENTURE together, where we can explore "the feminist glaciology framework"! This is SCIENCE! at least as much as global warmenation is!


* * *

"They made him inevitable." Indeed, the GOP establishment, or GOPe, did exactly that:
Trumpism isn’t merely about unfocused anger – it would be super-convenient to write this off as a temper tantrum that will soon blow over and allow us to get back to the business as usual of ignoring the pleas (which are now demands) to stop the immigration disaster, to address the fallout of free trade, and to stop the useless sacrifice of our sons and daughters in wars we’re too damn gutless to win. But it isn’t. Again and again Republicans promised to solve these problems and yet every single time they’ve lied. Rubio got elected in Florida promising to oppose amnesty then not only fails to do so but stands up with the Democrats and did the exact opposite. And we’re surprised a candidate comes along and points that out?
And if it hadn't been Trump, it might have--would have--been someone else.

* * *

A view from the police state. Cops on drug raids will shoot the dogs solely to "create a psychological position of strength".

Vox Day opines:
The US police are increasingly made up of cowards and bullies who don't have the brains or the steel to succeed in the military. They love dressing up like soldiers and pretending they are soldiers, but they turn into the biggest cowards in the world the moment that a dog barks at them.
Which is why, in a peaceful suburb, you need three cops to deal with a guy who wants to watch a thunderstorm.

* * *

So today, when I got to work, the Jeep's oil pressure was worryingly low.

A couple of times over the past month--when it's been warm, then got very cold--I'd go somewhere in the Jeep and the oil gauge would be pegged at 80. The first time I was just going to the store, and when I left the store it was normal again; the second time I was on my way home from work. Finally giving in to my worry, I pulled off, shut the truck off, pulled the key out, put it in, restarted, and the pressure was normal.

I figured it's just a sensor issue, or something, until today. As I was driving in I noticed that the pressure was lower than normal, hovering on the 50 mark--55 or so is more typical--and when idling in the parking lot at work, it dropped to perhaps 30, the lowest I ever saw it. Not low enough to trigger any warnings, but lower than I've ever seen it.

Oil looked and smelled the same as it did right after I ran the engine, the last time I changed the oil. Normal pressure on the way home, until about the halfway mark, when it dropped to 50 again, and at idle it was down to 30 again. So, it's temperature-related.

So, tomorrow I'm going to give 'er the Rislone treatment and change the oil again, in the hopes that it's just a little thing. Otherwise the Jeep has given absolutely no sign whatsoever of any trouble.

...don't you just know it, I finally get the tire fixed and something else has to crop up. *sigh*

And then I also have to fix the washing machine. Tomorrow is repair day, and I'm going to have fun!

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