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#510: Damn it, I can't stand how good it is.

I just finished watching Lovely Complex episode 19.

KissSub posted the torrent yesterday sometime. I grabbed the torrent file around 7:30-ish in the evening, and by the time I left work work at 9, it had finished downloading. There were something like 1,800 people seeding the torrent and it came down fast.

I noticed that when I let uTorrent run wide open, it tends to wreck my connection, so I've limited it to a max dowload speed of 140kB/sec. It seems to help. I don't know (yet) what causes that, whether it's SBC throttling the connection, or something in the router; what I do know is that with the lastest version of uTorrent installed--one with support for Vista--I've seen stupid fast download speeds from time to time. I think the record is 290-odd kB/second.

UTorrent runs best if I'm not using the computer at all, though. I watch some TV, come over to the computer, and find that several torrents just up and finished while I wasn't looking. But I was really surprised by episode 19 of Love*Con, because the way my connection has behaved previously, downloading an entire episode in about 70 minutes is just unprecedented.

Tonight's view list was pretty sizable:
  • Urusei Yatsura 184
  • Floral Magician Mary Bell 8
  • Mamotte Shugogetten 14
  • Hidamari Sketch 11
  • He Is My Master 12 (END)
  • Love GetChu 2
  • Lucky Star 2
  • I"s 3
  • Lovely Complex 19
...all in one sitting, too. My butt hurts.

The third episode of I"s has already gotten pretty far into the manga--book four, at least, possibly book five--and hurries along pretty well, while still retaining the flavor of the original story. Oh, is it good! The torrent I downloaded has the supplemental material from the Japanese DVDs, but I'm saving it for when I'm done with the OVAs.

Lucky Star continues to be crazy and entertaining. The opening theme is sung fast, faster even than Sana's rap songs in Kodomo no Omocha which was already faster than humans should be able to speak. Anime voice actors must be demons at tongue-twisters. (Which means Chiyo-chan will never be a seiyuu.)

Speaking of seiyuu, Love GetChu crept forward a bit, and it's still an interesting and entertaining story. I look forward to what happens when Momoko meets her dream seiyuu--the one she plans to marry. That ought to be entertaining.

I could not take the latest episode of Floral Magician Mary Bell seriously, though. In this episode the kids find a young injured duck and nurse it back to health. Then the girl, Yuuri, doesn't want the duck to go even though everyone is telling her it's best for the duck to be with its "group"--


Anyway, I made all kinds of jokes to myself about the guard duck from Pearls Before Swine. "I'm a broken duck, sir. I can't fly, sir." "Then I will HELP you fly!" Toss, thud. "I'm a bird, not a javelin, sir." Heh.

The kids ran all the way to their home from the field where they found the duck. The field which also contained Mary Bell's home, by the way. And then Mary Bell said, "I have some good medicine at home!"

"What?" I exploded. "Why the hell didn't you tell us that before we ran all the way the fuck back here, you stupid little bitch?"

Near the end of the episode the duck (named "Peepchee" by Yuuri) finally was flying away to be with its flock and Mary Bell cast a spell so it could catch up with them. There was a big sparkly spiral, and then a flash so bright it looked as if someone had set off a thermonuclear warhead.

"She vaporized it!" I hooted, knowing that wasn't so. (Unfortunately.) Then I started paraphrasing Back to the Future: "Jesus Christ, Doc! You disintegtated Peepchee! Calm down, Marty! The molecular structure of Peepchee and the flower petals are perfectly intact! [I skipped a couple of lines] Are you telling me you made a time machine out of flower petals?" Etcetera.

So at the end of tyhe episode Yuuri was still sad. She was sitting down to have afternoon tea with her parents and such and I said, "And the snack today is roasted duck!"

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to watch Floral Magician Mary Bell. I'm getting to the point where I have to give the series the MST3K treatment in order to keep from falling asleep.

For once we had an episode of Mamotte Shugogetten which was not driven by the one-dimensional characters. That was a relief. I hope this continues. Half a typical season of an anime series before it starts to work well--that's atypical for most anime series, but hopefully they've gotten the bugs out by now. I'd like to watch the rest of it without suffering too much.

And Love*Con--

Episode 19. If it's a 26-episode series, there are only seven episodes left! (insert crying emoticon here.)

The story has gotten more angsty since Risa confessed her love to Otani-kun, several episodes back. She cries a lot more these days. But that doesn't bother me--big fan of Hana Yori Dango and Marmalade Boy that I am--and I am consistently impressed with the animation, artwork, and writing of this series. Oh, it's so much fun! I can't remember the last series I watched that I enjoyed this much. (I think it might have been Azumanga Daioh in early 2006, now that I think of it.)

I wonder how long it'll be before I get to see episode 20.

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