atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5109: Holy crap already

Continuous motion since 2 PM--

Tore apart the washing machine, using lessons learned from the last time I did it. Forgot that I need snap ring pliers, so I'm going to be heading to Harbor Freight in a bit to buy a set; but I have the bearing number now: 6205RS. Asked about more durable options, though I was pretty sure what the answer would be, and I was right: stainless steel can be had at a premium price, and won't last any longer because while it won't rust the water contamination will wash the grease out of the bearing, and then the bearing will die a noisy death, exactly as happened with this one, and the one before it.

As expected.

This one cost me $25 ($25! What does the stainless cost??) because I didn't go to the same store--I went to one closer to home--and won't make that mistake again, either. At that price I won't buy a spare there, but with the part number I can go online and buy it anywhere. Not a problem.

Stopped at the parts store on the way home for oil change supplies. Dumped the Rislone in while still in the parking lot, then took a little drive; once home, I left the Jeep running while I elevated the front end and put it on jack stands, and attended to some other chores; then I drained the oil, and what came out of that engine was black as a pirate's heart, and twice as smelly.

I do not expect oil with two thousand EIGHT HUNDRED miles on it to look like that.

Anyway I drained it all (elevation FTW) and replaced it with good oil, and changed the filter; and when I checked the oil after running the engine, it was clean as a whistle.

And upon reviewing the service log, I find that I've never done this before with this thing. *whimper*

Anyway, stage two is complete; now I must execute stage three: tools.

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