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#5110: WTF, Ace Hardware!

Notice in the last post that I corrected myself? I had the mileage figure wrong; the oil in the Jeep had been in there for a mere 800 miles; it looked like 8,000. Crimony.

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus and I went out to dinner, and on the way back the "check engine" light blinked on. So tomorrow I get to take 'er to a parts store and get the codes read. Argh etc. But all the gauges looked normal and it was "check engine" rather than "check gauges", which tends to indicate a more critical failure.

Probably it's something like the O2 sensor or something. WTF, I have no idea if the O2 sensors have ever been replaced. We'll see.

* * *

Anyway, Ace Hardware:

I discussed, a few days or so ago, the $5 off a $20 purchase card I got from Ace as part of their "Ace Rewards" program. Today, after a run to Harbor Freight and such, I stopped in there on my way home to finally pick up those LED bulbs for the bathroom.

Clerk: "This is only good towards normal priced items. These are on sale."

Me (thinking): Are you fucking kidding me?

What I actually said, "Well, then, never mind! Have a good night!" I grabbed the thing and walked out.

The card did indeed say that: $5 off a $20 purchase of normally-priced merchandise, with the latter part way down in the fine print. I took the card, wadded it up, and threw it into the trash.

Look: every month I get coupons from O'Reilly's auto parts, for $5 off some purchase amount or another. When the Jeep's headlight needed replacing, I ended up paying $7 for it rather than $12 because I had a coupon good for $5 off a $10 purchase. There was no fine print talking about non-sale merchandise or any of that happy horseshit; it says, and I quote:
Cashier Instructions: Go to the Cash Tendered Screen and use the "Scan a Coupon" function to process this coupon before accepting payment from customer. Discard coupon after transaction is complete.
Subject to the usual exclusions, things like clearance merchandise and the like. But I've used these coupons every time I've gotten one, and there has never been an issue about it. Not once.

I don't even mind having to spend $10-$20-$25 to get the $5 off. It doesn't bother me; I understand that the coupon is supposed to be an enticement to get me to spend money in their store and no one's going to give shit away for free. That's fine.

When I went to Harbor Freight to buy a $4 tool, I used a coupon to get a free digital multimeter (admittedly, cheap Chinese junk, but sale price $5) which was offered as a freebie with any purchase so long as you presented the right coupon.

But this horseshit from Ace--sadly they are the closest hardware store to the bunker, and the next nearest one is three times farther away both in space and time, so if I need something now I'll go there; but when they ask about my Ace Rewards card, I'm going to tell them I no longer use it because it's useless to me.

And instead of getting $15 of my money today, Ace got zero.

* * *

Speaking of horseshit: the message I sent to my wife as I was waiting at a stoplight in Indiana, on my way to Harbor Freight:

"How the duck is gas $1.58 in Indiana?" (autocorrect FTW!)

I paid $1.96 last night on my way home from work. It's $1.90 today but it's thirty-eight cents cheaper in Indiana today than it was for me last night, and somehow I doubt that gas just magically dropped almost forty cents a gallon in one day.

Shit does Illinois suck!

* * *

So, parts sit on the counter, with the tools; Mrs. Fungus and I went to Ruben's for some of the best damned Mexican food ever. I love that place, and we don't go often enough; tonight the food was heavenly and we practically rolled out of there. Unless I get some energy from somewhere I'm not reassembling the washer until tomorrow, and I've got to get the Jeep's "check engine" light figured out.

I wanted to sleep tomorrow. For crying out loud, I have a cold!


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