atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5112: Did I forget to mention that I've got a friggin' COLD?

I should be convalescing in bed, not running all over creation. Yesterday I was in continuous motion from about 2 PM until 11:30, when I finally realized there was no way in hell I could get the washer functional that day; I had a couple of meal breaks in there but otherwise it was go, go, go.

Fortuitously it is not a bad one; it's mild enough that I can generally ignore the symptoms--but mild cold does not equal well and today my head feels like a block of wood again.

Well, if I don't get the washer working today, it's not a drop-dead emergency. We still have clean clothes. But I do need to get this damned thing functioning again, sooner rather than later.


* * *

Here's a hint for CNN: Hong Kong is not in Brazil.

"Most trusted name in network news"? Why?

* * *

Last night I was singing Trip Shakespeare's "Gone, Gone, Gone" as we were heading out to get dinner.

Mrs. Fungus: Could you sing something else?
Me: Okay, just let me finish the first chorus.
Her: Nobody wants that.
Me: I do! I'm somebody!
Her: No.

She did end up getting her way because by then we were laughing too hard for me to sing, and once that was over I'd forgotten where I was in the song.

* * *

Another unseasonably warm day today, cooler than yesterday, but I'll take it. The bunker's been closed up all winter, and it's nice to air things out. Meanwhile I have a headache (that I've now had, at varying intensities, for three days) and want only to go back to bed, because I am wiped after yesterday's activities.

While trying to get to sleep last night, though, I came up with a strategy for dealing with the washer.

First: there was water in the tub when I disconnected the drain hose; if water got on the motor windings it might cause the behavior I was seeing. It was hours between disassembly and test, so this is a straw that I'm grasping at, but I'm hoping that when I go downstairs to try the spin cycle one more time it'll just work. That would be easy, though, so I do not expect this to be the case.

Assuming it does not, then, the next step is to remove the belt, then run the motor until the tub is pumped out. At that point, then, I can remove the transmission pulley, the bolts holding the tub in, and the two bolts holding the lower bearing in. I should be able to remove that as a unit, turn it upside down, and double-check the installation of the lower bearing.

When I put it all back together last night, I didn't grease the one-way clutch; it's essentially a spring which grips the bearing housing and allows it to turn only in one direction, but it has to slide when moving the other way, which is the direction the thing turns during the spin cycle. Because I heated the bearing housing to get the bearing into it, the grease which had been on it ran off--and that means it's not lubricated. I'm also going to triple-check the bearing to make sure it's seated squarely in its boss.

The fact is, the washer worked fine while it was in wash mode; it quit during the spin cycle--and that means that something about the spin cycle is overloading the motor. It's simply taking too much power to spin the drum up and--again--overload protection is doing its job and keeping the motor from burning out.

So I'll dive into it again, in a little while, in the hopes that I can resolve this nonsense. But holy crap, what a pain in the ass.

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