atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5113: Well, that worked out splendidly. Because I have a cold.

After the last post, I fiffled around with WoW a bit, then went back to bed. That was around 5; and I finally got out of bed sometime after 9:30. And now I still feel pretty rancid, though some of the congestion has eased and my head feels less wooden.

I think I needed the sleep. It's possible I overexerted myself yesterday, with all the mechanical stuff and running around.

Work tomorrow, and it doesn't promise to be any easier than normal, so the rest was warranted.

* * *

I plugged in the Arduino. Its test program, where it blinks an LED, is running. I've never been more entranced by a blinking light in my life.

* * *

I already do this. The Works is a toilet bowl cleaner which is heavy on the HCl, and it works very, very well at removing rust stains from everything.

I had to think about the name of the toilet bowl cleaner, because now I have a fever and can't think. *sigh*

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