atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5114: Clear as noodles

That's me, today; unable to think or even walk straight.

This illness has been unusual, with the sudden onset and weird progression. I've never had a cold which started out that suddenly and which left me able to function perfectly fine on the first day of frank symptoms, but less capable as the frank symptoms diminished. Usually it's the other way around; when I'm at the worst of the obvious symptoms I can't do anything correctly, including sleeping.

Tuesday I was sneezing a lot and having to blow my nose every fifteen minutes, but I was sharp as a tack and fully functional all day. Yesterday I slept; today I feel woozy and inchoherent but the other symptoms have faded to "background noise" levels. The only real problem (other than the woozy incoherence) is the remaining congestion.

Obviously, I stayed home from work. I can't walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without losing concentration; work is impossible.


* * *

Tarring and feathering someone is pretty barbaric because of the second degree burns but some of the scalawags deserve no better.

Incidentally, I noticed that one of the Senators from Illinois is facing a primary challenge this year. Guess who I'm voting for? Even though I've never heard of him?

* * *

How Target failed in Canada. At least it put paid to that "Target never lays people off" horseshit.

* * *

"Clear as noodles" is what happens when you're sick and trying to read a chapter of Treasure Island to your wife before bed. The phrase in the book was "clear as noonday"; I saw the N, the OO, and the D, read it as "noodles", and my error detection and correction system was dulled by the cold. I was halfway through the next sentence before I realized I'd made a mistake.

The prescription for today is as follows: a hot shower, as hot as I can stand it, followed by some period of rest; I have to go to the store for a few sundries (such as cat food) but otherwise I have nothing else that must be done today other than recuperation.

That's gonna have to do.

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