atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5115: Even a stopped clock is right twice a day

Obama suggests that GOP look to its own house, and he's actually right.

I take the opposite view that this article does; it contends that Obama is nuts to blame the GOP for Trump--but while Obama has presided over the worst economy and some of the most socialist policies since the 1930s, the GOP has not done a single thing to oppose him. And that is where Trump is coming from.

GOP could have prevented Trump (or a Trump-like candidate) simply by listening to its voters and doing what it promised them it would do. Since GOP is incapable of this, the voters found another way.

* * *

Tried to run my errands in one go. It seems like a simple proposition, doesn't it? Go to the store, get a prescription refilled for my wife, pick up a few sundries, and get the Jeep's OBD2 codes read on the way home. Maybe pick up something to eat for lunch; all told, about an hour, right?

Try two, most of it spent waiting, until I got disgusted and left. Mrs. Fungus gets all her RXs from Jewel-Osco, and the nearest one is "proud" to be a union shop; that means that no matter how big the backlog of prescriptions is, when it's time for most of the pharmacy staff to leave, they go, leaving all of two people to handle the traffic.

When I dropped off the bottle I was told "thirty to forty minutes". It was longer. When I came back, I was told "ten minutes". It was much longer. I finally gave up in disgust after realizing that I'd browsed through the entire pharmacy department twice and was starting on a third trip.

So now I'll have to go back later on, but at least I can eat something and get some rest. The pharmacy is open until 10 PM, so screw it.

Meanwhile, the OBD2 code indicates that the downstream O2 sensor has bought the farm, meaning a $56 part and about twenty minutes replacing it. Having paid my early-month bills (and spent some money on a little extravagance) I don't have it to spare, which means I'll be driving around for at least another week with my "check engine" light on. Argh etc. Upside of this one is that I suspected it was an O2 sensor; the Jeep has 136k on it and the circumstances of the way the light came on etc led me to think it was probably something like that. It was a hunch, and (as it turned out) a good one.

But while shopping I decided tonight would be a good night for goulash, so I bought meat and ginzo bread and canned tomatos and green peppers. Now I'm going to go get that started; and when Mrs. Fungus gets home it'll be to her RX refill and good, delicious food.

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