atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5119: I don't know if my manager is Hector, Jimmy, Abraham Lincoln, or Atomic Man!

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Another day, another temporary supervisor.

* * *

Tomorrow I'm going to the polls to vote for Trump. Suck it, establishment!

Hillary is promising to put people out of work if elected. I saw something on TV saying that Hillary was all about manufacturing jobs, and if it wasn't such bullshit I might have laughed my ass off.


* * *

Besides Trump, I need to work on the washing machine tomorrow. I'm hoping it's just because I didn't get the lower bearing installed correctly; then we can have clean clothes again! That would be nice. And then on Wednesday, the water heater! Yeeeahhhhhhh!!!

* * *

Tonight's culinary experiment:

Chicken breast, marinated in italian dressing, then sauteed in bacon grease. Fettucini, alfredo sauce, the chicken and bacon bits--and it's fantastic, missing only sauteed mushrooms to be complete. It tastes like something I'd get in a pricy Italian restaurant.

* * *

Time for some WoW.

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