atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5122: Washing clothes, the right way

So here's how my day went:

After voting, I went downstairs to work on the washing machine. I got it disassembled and greased the one-way clutch; and after reassembling the whole bleeding thing, we put a load of laundry in to wash. It washed normally (the way it did last week) but when it got to the spin cycle, it spun partway up, stuttered, spun down, sat inert; then spun partway up again, stuttered again, spun down, and sat inert for about the same amount of time; finally it spun up completely.

Rinse cycle, same story: agitation was perfect but spin cycle almost-sorta worked.

Me: Motherfucker.

...tore back into it, resolving to reassemble again. Got the thing apart, checked everything, cleaned everything, and this time I reassembled it the way I did last year.

Last year, I took the thing completely apart, to the point of removing the basket from its trunnion; at reassembly I put them on separately, the way I'd taken them off. This time, I disassembled it the way the instructional videos show: I unbolted the trunnion and removed it and the basket as a unit. I reassembled it the same way.

Now: I also did clean and grease the upper bearing, and I did some other things; but when I reassembled the thing, I put the trunnion on first and then bolted the basket to it.

And once we got it loaded, and started up, and got to the rinse cycle, it spun right up without so much as a hiccough.

I'm still going to have to get a new tub seal for it, and I've found that most of the water leakage is coming from the top tub seal, so I'd better replace that one, too. But I packed everything I could with Vaseline or high temp hub grease, so (in theory) water should have a hard time getting at that bearing.

Glah. Anyway, we can wash clothes now; and tomorrow--

Oh! That reminds me. While waiting for the washer to get to the spin cycle I had a gander at the water heater, and guess what I saw? There's a placard on it regarding the limited lifetime warranty on the thing, and an 800 number to call if it needs maintenance. So tomorrow I get to call that number first before I do anything to it, in case me draining the dang thing voids the warranty. I'm certain that replacing the anode would definitely void that warranty, and replacing a water heater is an expensive proposition, so you bet I'd rather pay someone to do it just to keep that warranty. Assuming it's still in effect and wasn't tied to my mom's lifetime. (If it isn't, then to hell with it; time to do the anode!)


Now I really need a frickin' shower. Shit.

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