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#5127: I no longer understand this nonsense

Today--some three weeks after being told there was no way I could ever move back to my old supervisor's team--I was moved back to my old supervisor's team.

I guess someone realized that not having a sup for half an hour per day is better than not having a sup for three friggin' weeks. Shit.

The last time I got a coaching? Feb 21, which is just about a whole friggin' MONTH ago.

Yesterday I paused and looked at the "10 commitments" that supposedly apply to my situation, things like "we will always ensure that employees understand their pay" and "we will always provide weekly coaching for employees" and other stuff. Looking at that list, I counted six which have not been done for three friggin' weeks. Seven, if you count the last one about "we will escalate as needed if any of these aren't being done".

Anyway, the move happened suddenly. I got a failed survey today, which prompted a coaching--which was itself the most asinine coaching I have ever had, by the way; it was Best Buy bad--and after it was over I hit the can, and when I was on my way back from that I was told, "Okay, go into tech fail and move to [old sup's] pod!" So I do as I'm told, and when I get there, the old sup says, "Welcome back!" and shakes my hand, and tells me the move is permanent, which left me so flabbergasted I actually got dizzy.

The coaching--they're supposed to be constructive, and the guy who delivered it is a supervisor I only worked for today, for perhaps three hours, so he doesn't know dick about me or my work. But he felt qualified enough to say that I "blindly" began working on a customer's issue without asking probing questions.

Look: when the customer calls and tells me the problem he has is X, and I look at the remarks on the account and can immediately verify that the problem is indeed X, I don't need to ask "open-ended questions" about the problem he's having. The issue at hand has been established. this guy, reviewing the call, wrote this destructively critical critique of my "discovery" phase, saying that I blindly began to work on a solution without first making sure I understood what the issue was. I objected to that; I objected strongly. The guy tried to bamboozle me with some nonsense, but I wasn't having any of it, and he ended up adding "seems to", which I liked better and was a hell of a lot better than his initial statement. I don't need much but if you're going to say "this is from the customer's viewpoint" then I insist on there being verbiage to that effect in the critique.

I don't have a problem with constructive criticism, but that wasn't constructive.

So tomorrow I am supposed to be working an entire day with my old, and new, sup, and hopefully from here on I won't have to deal with any stupid shit for a little while.


* * *

I like this. The GOP hated the Tea Party, and did what they could to nullify it. And so they got Trump. Schadenfreude, so delicious.

* * *

Past couple of days I've been running Pandora on my cell phone on the way home from work, letting my Alan Parsons' Project channel play, and the music has all been excellent. Of course it's sucking data like beer at a rodeo--I used about 60 MB over two hours--but data doesn't cost that much and I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to do regarding the old cell phone pretty soon, anyway. I'm down to 10 hours of talk time, and today marked the third time since I got the Android phone that I had to buy texts ($10 for 1,000, which means Tracfone makes money when they charge $0.01 for each SMS....) and I'm still thinking about changing carriers. I just don't know, yet.

Anyway, it's nice to have a way to listen to random songs without making a MP3 CD first.

* * *

Argh, it's past my bedtime.

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