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#5130: You can't make this stuff up.

I'm just going to quote the headline:
Man, 27, Who Was Arrested for Having Sex With a Stranger on a Las Vegas Ferris Wheel Before Planned Wedding Last Month is Murdered in a Carjacking While Driving his Stripper Fiancée Home From Work
"The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine."

Another quote: "Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense." No idea where the first one came from but the latter is Steven Den Beste at his finest.

* * *

I think a noninterventionist foreign policy would be a nice change of pace. I think it's long past the time we should have stopped sticking our noses into every brush war and interfactional tiff that happens in the world, no matter how much the left screams about it.

It's dangerous and expensive; we should let other countries handle that nonsense for a change. Europe in particular has had decades of free rides on Uncle Sam's dime.

I like the idea of shutting down NATO. COmmentor Steve, at that link, sums it up perfectly:
NATO should've disbanded in 1991, with thanks and gold watches all round.

What the hell is it for now?

1999 - Bombed the shit out of Yugoslavia. Result: Muslim fanatics take over part of Yugoslavia.

2011: Bombed the shit out of Libya. Result: Muslim fanatics take over Libya.

2001-2014 - Fucking around in Afghanistan. Result: Muslim fanatics still run Afghanistan.

It's not an impressive record, is it?
It really isn't.

* * *

I like Japan's technique for preventing islamic violence there. Pretty simple, really: keep them out, and they don't go around blowing shit up. The world could learn a thing or two from this example.

* * *

You kids and your Pepper Dew! You'll get sick drinking that stuff!

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