atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5132: I DO have one!

Put Mrs. Fungus to bed early (she swapped a day to have Palm Sunday off) and went downstairs just to fiddle a bit, and ended up working on the pile a bit. Eliminated three boxes, which isn't bad for an hour's work...and in the process found the LM317 I thought I remembered having.

Back in the Cretacious, in my second trimester of school (or was it the third? It was so long ago now I can't remember) we got a box of parts and some instructions, and it was our job to follow the instructions to turn the box of parts into a trainer box: it's a breadboard with a power supply, a frequency generator, and some logic state switches and indicators, all in a convenient carrying case. The power supply provides a bunch of different voltages, including positive and negative 15 volts. It's pretty f-ing cool, and I built it.

...but when I first put it together, the variable power supply didn't work. I spent a few hours trying to figure out why it didn't, and couldn't; finally I gave up, bought another module, and put it together successfully. (I don't think I still have the failed board, but if I do I bet I could figure it out now.)

Anyway, the replacement variable power supply board came with all the parts (of course) but I didn't need the voltage regulators--the LM317 and LM337, they worked fine--so I apparently stuck them back into the bag rather than tuck them into my toolbox. And so tonight, looking through some boxes of junk, I found them.

The LM317 is just the ticket for building the 1.5V power supply I wanted to build a few weeks ago--though now, looking at the specs for the thing, I hesitate to make it sink 13 volts (since typical car supply is around 14.7). Might as well build a simple voltage divider if you're going to be making that kind of heat. Maybe a switching supply would be better....

Found some other interesting bits and pieces, but ended up filling another garbage bag and toting it to the can outside. This is how we make progress.

...and then, the two Gundam Wing models I'd forgotten I had--one 1:144 and another 1:100 scale, the latter being a $30 model I got for $14. The shrinkwrap is gone and the boxes are beat up, but the parts have never been separated from their sprues nor have the sprues been removed from their bags. Two brand new kits, 18 years old, and I have absolutely zero interest in building them. A quick perusal of eBay shows they're not worth all that much, either. Still, I can't just throw them away. Sheesh.

I have the entirety of Gundam W on DVD. Maybe I should watch it again....

One of these days soon I have to pack up the Japanese language materials I'm going to give to my niece, and send them to her. Media mail will be fine but it's still more than 20 lbs of books. Crimony.

That is, however, a task for another time.

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