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#5140: Just a few days away from the TENTH ANNIVERSARY

Atomic Fungus began April 3, 2006. I have no idea how I'll commemorate the event.

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Hello, maritime salvage laws! Here's the thing: when you find, in the open ocean, something belonging to someone else, you are--if it's not occupied and is otherwise abandoned--able to take it, legally.

Example: you're sailing in international waters and you find a loaded container ship, adrift. There is no crew aboard whatsoever, nor when you examine the log is there anything stating where they went or why. Under international maritime law as it exists on the books right now, you can claim ownership of that vessel and its contents and it would stick. You might get sued by the shipping line that owned the ship formerly, but about the only remedy supported by the jurisprudence is that they would have to pay you a reasonable salvage fee in return for getting their ship back. (More likely, their insurance company would pay it.)

So: two guys find a US buoy that's torn free of its moorings, adrift in the open ocean. This fits the definition of "salvage", because it's not where it was left; it's adrift, and not moored. You're not allowed to grab anything you find; buoys in particular are meant to be anchored to a specific location and left, so you can't say, "Hey, this is just laying around, so I'll take it!" But a buoy that's broken free and drifted away from its mooring is an entirely different ball of wax.

Looking over the article I see only one thing that the guys did wrong: they should have notified the owner of the buoy upon return to shore and presented them with an invoice for a hefty salvage fee, instead of trying to keep it. Really, what do you need a deep ocean research buoy for?

* * *

"The Black Lives Matter hate group has officially spoken. They aren’t even trying to hide their racism anymore and their leader just proved that." Yeah, the leader of "Black Lives Matter" is saying that if Trump wins, there will be race riots.
Dear White People if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.
I have no respect for any black person who refers to himself as a "nigga".

Stuff like this is the human equivalent of a monkey shitting in his hand and throwing it.

* * *

Atheists are always trying to find ways to explain away miracles. Okay, here's a hint: there wasn't any ice in the Sea of Galiliee. There wasn't any ice to walk on because--if you read the Gospels!--you find that the seas were rough. Jesus didn't walk on ice, or still water; there were waves, high enough that the occupants of the boat were afraid.

The writer of this article makes a good point here, one I've noted time and again myself:
...[I]t is a central tenet of faith, of pure faith, in the Secular Religion, that traditional Christianity is the "Anti-Darwin" to that faith. Strange when you consider that, in terms of actual dogma and actual acts, Islam is far more hostile to all the core tenets of science, but -- as I noted above -- it really isn't very safe to take too close a look at that collection of ergot-derived insights out of the desert. Those adherents are a bit more lethal when it comes to accepting slights on their religion.
Which is why you're not going to hear a lot of critical discussion of islam from atheists: they don't want to be targets of a fatwa.

THis is the most important part of the piece:
...[T]here is a lot in Science that lets all of us live longer and better lives while there is a lot in Christianity that lets us live deeper and more meaningful lives.

I don't look to Christianity to bring me the weather reports for tomorrow. At the same time I don't look to Science to ever, in its widest dreams, reveal the core of the miracle and mystery of being a conscious entity who has been granted the gift of being able, in my better moments, to witness -- even for an inch of time -- the wonder of Creation.
Science can't and should not delve into religious matters. "Should not" only because it's useless there, it's not constructed to function in that regime. The results of attempting to explain away miracles with Science! end up looking silly, especially when they ignore the texts and describe an event with only passing resemblance to the one in the text itself.

* * *

Meanwhile islam once again demonstrates its savage nature. islam delenda est.

* * *

$600 gets you an Oculus Rift but you need a $350 graphics card to run the thing. Yeesh.

* * *

Peaceful day today. Nothing scheduled, just need to tighten a few things on the Jeep to keep them from coming loose. My "honey do" for the day is to scrub the bathtub. Little jobs, none will take long to accomplish.


The downstream O2 sensor got munged during Saturday's marathon repair session: one of the wires got broken, and then the others got singed when I was trying to heat the bung enough to unscrew the sensor from the pipe. That annoyed me but it didn't really matter all that much since it had that intermittent fault (that showed up exactly once) and I was intending to replace it; but to my surprise, the "check engine" light remained off until I was on my way home Sunday night. I'd expected to see it as soon as I turned on the engine, figuring that "one wire out of four broken" would show up as an immediate sensor failure, but the engine computer was perfectly happy with it for quite a while.

Truly I do not understand OBD2 all that well.

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