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#5141: This tells me two things.

Democrat operatives are offering people $15 an hour to protest Trump and I am able to extract two important pieces of information from the headline alone:

1) Democrats are desperate to diminish Trump during the primaries, because they think they can't beat him in the general election; and

2) It's so hard to find people genuinely opposed to Trump that they have to offer double the federal minimum wage to attract enough astroturf protestors to make it seem as if there's serious opposition to Trump.

I get a kick out of the continued revelations that the only way Democrats can make their case is by paying people to pretend to support them. Every time I see a news report that uses careful camera angles to make a miniscule protest look large--especially when it's bleeding obvious that's what they're doing--though outside I am rolling my eyes, somewhere deep inside I'm laughing my ass off. Because it's pathetic.

* * *

Speaking of pathetic, once again the Chicago teachers' union has decided to walk out on half a million schoolkids "for the children". Guess the kids need an extra day off from the daily grind of learning about global warming, recycling, and safe sex. "Think of it as a holiday," we're told, except the kids will end up being in school an extra day in June because of this.

Chicago spends $20,000 per student. How is that not enough money to ensure each one of them is given proper instruction? How the hell can you spend $20,000 per year per student and still not be spending enough?

...when you realize that most of that $20,000 per year is spent on administrative costs--rather than on actually educating the student--you get a clearer picture. The Chicago school board has an elaborate structure and those people get paid four-five-six-ten times what the typical teacher gets paid per year.

The purpose behind the Chicago educational system is not educating children; that's its bailiwick but that's not what it's for. What it's for is to transfer a maximum of taxpayer money into the pockets of bureaucrats and teachers and union thugs.

Hence the strike.

* * *

California wants to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour. Wait, strike that. Revision: "California wants to utterly destroy low-wage employment state-wide." That's better.


If Brown’s plan passes, 5.6 million low-wage workers would earn $20 billion more in wages by 2023, according to the UC Berkeley analysis. It assumed no net jobs would be lost as businesses look to trim costs.
Because, as the article observes, "Denial of consequences is an important part of left wing philosophy."

There's no problem with doing anything if you ignore the consequences of doing it. What the hell, we don't need to shield our nuclear reactors; that just adds complexity and expense, and to protect us against something that almost never happens. We could build a nuclear reactor for half the cost if we did away with those ugly and complicated containment vessels. Let's just build them in conventional warehouse buildings.


The true minimum wage is zero.

* * *

Well, Oshiete Galko-chan ran its last ep this past week. I'm kind of unhappy; I enjoyed the show and twelve eight-minute episodes isn't really enough for my taste.

* * *

Last night I took a break from WoW for an hour or two and worked on the basement. This time mainly I dealt with boxes of old bills, which generated two bags of trash; then I got into the last box of videotapes and reduced it by a fair margin. I think I've now gone through all the videotapes that are in the basement, leaving me with a couple boxes of stuff that's worth keeping.

Next up was the box of old notebooks. I cannot dispose of this; and in fact one project which fell by the wayside--and which was the driving force behind acquiring a scanner and some kind of removable media drive in the 1990s--was to scan the notebooks and archive their pages digitally. Not because they are full of profound insights and important reminders from school, but because they are full of doodles I wish to preserve. I did not (and do not) intend to scan every page, but a quick perusal of one notebook reminded me why I wanted to do it. I'm going to have to get that dealt with. But I was able to put the notebooks into a smaller box, more neatly, and thus take up less room than the old monitor box they were store in; and that's making a big difference.

There's still a lot to do downstairs, but I am slowly making progress. It'd be nice if I could hit my target of mid- to late-June for having this project complete.

The next thing that I really ought to do is dig through the pile of chairs and luggage and get it sorted. It's just bulky; get that figured out and there'll be lots more room down there to work.

Well, take it one step at a time, I guess.

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