atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5147: It snowed again today

You had one job, April. ONE JOB. And for Friday they're predicting 1-3 inches. Meanwhile it's below freezing outside again. *sigh*

* * *

It's late on my Friday night (or early on my Saturday) and I should be sleeping, but I'm too excited over my weekend finally being here.

The days seem so long at work lately, a lot longer than they were in October or November. I don't know why. I recall feeling this kind of ennui for a while when I worked at Best Buy, where the days seemed to be an unending series of the same words said over and over and over again. I got over that feeling, though I'm not sure when or how; but after that "hump" was past the job became easy-peasy, second nature, and I exceled at it.

Anyway, this job is loads easier than Best Buy, and better in just about every way. I'd still like to find something even better, that pays more; I haven't heard a word about the Workforce position but it doesn't look as if they've picked a candidate, either. I don't know.

* * *

Tuesday will be "work on the water heater again" day. A conversation with Og over the weekend yielded a few useful bits of information, as such conversations usually do, and I'm now a lot less afraid that the water heater is going to spontaneously spring a leak. The water does, however, smell rather a lot, and I want to correct that as soon as possible. I'm hoping to re-drain the thing tomorrow and get the anode out; once the anode is out I can get a replacement put in, and that should help considerably with the rotten egg smell.

* * *

The other day, while trying to find the Barnes and Nobles gift cards, I finally found my SD cards with the music on them. So that's good. They were right here on my desk all along, in a ziplock bag with all the other SD cards. Of course.

* * *

I'm hoping, this weekend, to get the furniture/luggage pile sorted, downstairs. We'll see if I can get that far; but if I can, it'll go a long way towards making room to work down there.

I've concluded that the big desk I have in the area behind the stairs would make a fantastic workbench, and I've just about conluded that I'll be moving it into the main area; we'll see how that works in practice. Worst case I ditch it and get a workbench kit like the one that I got in 2003 that I still have now, in the garage here at the bunker. It was essentially a box of precut 2x4s and a sheet of assembly instructions, but it's nice and sturdy and works well. Only difference is, for doing electronics stuff I'd likely put a sheet of MDF over the top of it just so I'd have a smooth surface.

But all of this is predicated on me getting the basement clear enough of stuff that I can do this. So first step is still finish cleaning the damned basement.

Good enough.

...and I still need to get an exhaust gasket and some locknuts for the Jeep's exhaust system. So I have two little projects to get after, Tuesday. Whee!

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